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7 Simple Steps to Craft the Ultimate Employee Training Plan

Terri James
VP of Product
Learning & Development
February 8, 2024

Crafting an effective employee training plan involves assessing needs, setting clear goals, choosing the right tools, and measuring outcomes for continuous improvement.

Develop a Training Manual That Works

Training your team is crucial. But it's not just about ticking boxes. It's about growth, skills, and hitting those business goals. 

That's where a solid employee training plan comes into play.

Enter Continu. It's not just a platform. It's your ally in crafting training that sticks.

From pinpointing training needs to tracking the success of your programs, Continu has your back.

Ready to build a training plan that actually works?

Let's dive in.

Step #1: Assess Training Needs

First things first. What does your team need? It's not a guessing game. You need facts. 

Pinpoint those skill gaps. It's easy with the right tools.

That's where Continu's Assessments & Quizzes come in.

Continu lets you quiz your team. Find out where they shine and where they need a boost.

Add assessments and quizzes within Continu content to identify skill or knowledge gaps.

Tailored training starts here. With solid data, you're ready to build an employee plan that hits the mark.

Let's get those assessments rolling.

Training That Helps Employees Grow

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Step #2: Set Clear Learning Objectives

This step makes sure your training isn't just busywork. It's targeted. Purposeful. Every piece of content has its place.

Learning goals are everything. Without them, you're wandering in the dark.

Time to light the way with Learning Tracks in Continu.

Each module needs a mission. What's the takeaway? With Learning Tracks, spell it out. 

Combine multiple training modules into a powerful Learning Track for employees.

Clear, concise learning objectives for every part of your plan.

Now that your objectives are set, what's next? Crafting content that engages and enlightens.

Step #3: Create Engaging Content

Boring content? That's a no-go. Cater to every learning style. Visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinesthetic. Everyone gets something.

Variety is the spice of learning. And Videos & Media in Continu? That's your spice rack.

Easily import video content from various sources like YouTube into Continu training programs.

Mix it up. Videos, infographics, podcasts. Keep your team hooked.

With Continu, adding training videos and diverse media is a breeze.

Engaging content is key. It's what turns "have to" into "want to." 

Ready to make your training irresistible?

Step #4: Personalize Learning Paths

One size doesn't fit all. Especially in training.

Enter Smart Segmentation™. It's your tool for tailor-made learning paths in Continu.

Add employees to Groups with Smart Segmentation and assign the right people the right training.

Personalized paths mean better engagement, faster learning. It's smart. It's efficient. It's how you make every minute of training count.

Customize like a pro. By role, department, skill level. Everyone gets what they need, nothing they don't.

Ready to give your team the personalized learning they deserve?

Step #5: Schedule and Automate Training

Manual scheduling? Forget it. It's time to automate the training process.

With Workflows in Continu, your training plan runs itself.

Set triggers. Role changes. Onboarding dates. Workflows kick in automatically.

Set up Workflows that trigger entire training plans with the click of a button in Continu.

The right training at the right time, no hassle.

Imagine the time saved. The efficiency gained. Workflows make it possible. Training becomes seamless, effortless.

Ready to automate your training delivery?

Step #6: Encourage Collaboration and Feedback

Learning's not a solo journey. It's a team sport. 

And with Content Engagement in Continu, teamwork takes center stage.

Create a collaborative learning environment in Continu by enabling comments, likes, shares, and ratings.

Open the floor. Share insights. Ask questions. Feedback flows freely. It's collaboration made easy.

Collect valuable feedback on your employee training programs.

This isn't just about learning. It's about building a learning community. Where ideas spark and knowledge grows.

Ready to boost your team's learning power? Time to bring them together with Continu's collaboration tools.

Step #7: Monitor Progress and Adjust as Needed

You've set the training plan in motion. Now, it's time to see it in action. 

This step is crucial. It's about fine-tuning your training. Making sure your training doesn't just happen but succeeds.

With Real-Time Tracking & Custom Reporting in Continu, you're always in the know.

Track training progress. Who's ahead? Who needs a nudge? Real-time data gives you the full picture.

Allow managers to effectively track employee training progress.

Custom reports dive deeper. Insights at your fingertips. It's how you measure success and spot opportunities for improvement.

Generate insightful reports on various training metrics with Continu.

Ready to make your training program the best it can be? Let's start tracking and adjusting.

Start Streamlining Employee Training

Crafting an employee training plan is streamlined with Continu. From identifying needs to tracking progress, Continu simplifies every step. 

It's more than a modern learning platform; it's your ally in creating engaging and effective training.

Continu's comprehensive tools make training not just easy but impactful. Ready to boost your training strategy? Dive into Continu. 

Discover how it can transform your approach to employee development. With Continu, effective training is within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Continu simplify creating an employee training plan?

Continu streamlines the training plan creation process with intuitive tools for assessing training needs, setting objectives, and automating content delivery. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to organize and implement a comprehensive training plan.

Can I customize training plans for different departments within Continu?

Yes, Continu's Smart Segmentation™ feature allows you to tailor training plans based on department, role, or skill level, ensuring each team receives relevant and targeted training content.

How can I ensure my training plan is engaging for all employees?

By utilizing Continu's diverse content options, including Videos & Media, and interactive quizzes, you can create varied and engaging training materials that cater to different learning styles, keeping employees motivated and engaged.

Is it possible to track the effectiveness of my training plan in Continu?

Absolutely. With Continu's Real-Time Tracking & Custom Reporting, you can monitor employee progress, engagement, and quiz results, giving you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your training plan and areas for improvement.

Can I gather employee feedback on the training plan directly within Continu?

Yes, Continu encourages collaboration and feedback through its built-in communication tools, allowing employees to share their insights and suggestions on the training content, which can be used to refine and improve the training plan.

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About the Author
Terri James, VP of Product at Continu
Terri James
VP of Product

Terri is the VP of Product at Continu, a modern Learning Management System built to help companies train employees, customers and partners using one platform. For over a decade, Terri has led Continu as a product and is passionate about helping companies build a culture of learning.

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