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Automating Employee Training: 6 Easy Steps

Terri James
VP of Product
Learning & Development
February 8, 2024

Automating employee training involves leveraging digital tools, scheduling regular content updates, and using analytics to adapt and optimize learning paths.

Training Objectives

Training your team shouldn't be a full-time job. It should be easy, fast, and effective. 

That's where training automation comes in. Especially for learning and development admins and corporate trainers.

You've got enough on your plate. Let's make training one less thing to worry about.

Enter Continu.

It's not just another LMS. It's your partner in automating employee training

From creating content to tracking progress, Continu’s got you covered. And the best part? It's one of the easiest learning platforms to use.

Ready to transform how you train your employees?

Let's dive into how Continu makes employee training automation a breeze.

Step 1: Identify Training Needs

Before diving into training, ask yourself: What skills and knowledge do your employees already have? And which do they need?

It's crucial to start with a clear picture. So, performing a training needs assessment is a great starting point.

That's where Assessments come into the spotlight.

Continu's Assessments feature is your secret weapon. It's not just about asking questions. It's about uncovering the truth behind your team's skills and knowledge gaps.

Assessments in Continu allow admins to identify employee skill and knowledge gaps.

With custom quizzes, surveys, and tests, you can pinpoint exactly where your team stands and where they need to go.

Imagine having a roadmap for each employee's learning journey. That's what Assessments offer. It's the foundation of a targeted, effective training program.

Got your assessments ready? Great. Now, let's move on to crafting that killer content.

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Step 2: Create Engaging Content

Now that you know what your team needs, it's time to fill those gaps. 

But not just with any content…We're talking about developing engaging, effective, and fun training materials.

This is where Journeys step in.

Create a personalized training path with Journeys in Continu.

Think of Journeys in Continu as your ultimate guide. It's not just about throwing information at your learners. It's about guiding them through concepts, one step at a time.

From workshops to learning tracks, articles to videos, Journeys covers it all.

But here's the kicker: You can pace the learning. Need your team to marinate on a concept before moving on? Delay the next steps.

This ensures they're not just going through the motions but truly understanding each piece of the puzzle.

Easily format the sections of your Journey by rearranging the order of modules.

Creating a Journey is like crafting a story. A story where each chapter builds on the last, leading to a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

Ready to be the storyteller your team needs? Let's march on to sharing this masterpiece.

Step 3: Segment Your Audience

One size fits all? Not in training. Your team is diverse. Their learning needs are too. It's time to get personal.

That's where Smart Segmentation™ comes into play.

With Continu's Smart Segmentation™, you're the maestro of personalization. Group employees by department, role, or even individual learning needs.

Smart Segmentation in Continu allows course creators to send training to specific users.

This isn't just grouping for the sake of it. It's about targeting training to fit like a glove.

Imagine delivering content that speaks directly to each learner.

  • Marketing gets the latest in digital trends
  • Sales dives into negotiation techniques
Create rules to show or assign content to specific users in Continu.

Segmentation is your secret to meaningful, impactful training. 

And it all feels tailor-made. Because it is.

Now, with your audience finely tuned, what's next? Sharing your content far and wide, of course. Let's get to it.

Step 4: Automate Training Assignments

Training shouldn't feel like herding cats. Especially not with today's tech.

Enter Workflows, Continu's answer to your scheduling nightmares.

Workflows in Continu are about automation. It's about ensuring every new hire or team member on a development path gets the right training at the right time.

No manual tracking. No missed opportunities. Set it up once, and let Continu do the heavy lifting.

Automatically assign training programs with Workflows in Continu.

Whether it's onboarding new talent or upskilling your veterans, Workflows sends out training assignments without you lifting a finger.

It's like having a personal assistant dedicated to your team's growth.

With training running like clockwork, you're free to focus on what matters. And your team? They're getting smarter by the day.

Track the effectiveness and activity of your workflows.

Now that your training's on autopilot, let's see how we keep everyone in the loop. On to sharing and tracking progress.

Step 5: Track and Measure Progress

You've set the stage for automated training. But how do you know it's hitting the mark? It's all about the data.

Continu's Manager Reports section is your mission control for tracking employee training progress.

Specifically, the Journey’s tab in the Manager Dashboard.

Track employee training progress through detailed Manager Reports in Continu.

With real-time tracking of your direct reports, you see not just who's finished what but how they interacted with the content.

Did they breeze through it? Spend time on certain sections? It's all there.

It's not just about completion rates. It's about engagement, understanding, and real growth.

But there's more. Custom reporting dives deeper, letting you analyze participation across teams, departments, or any segment you've set up.

This isn't just data for data's sake. It's actionable insights. It's seeing where your training excels and where it needs a tune-up.

Continu can generate insightful reports on Learning Track completion.

With Manager Reports, you're not just overseeing training; you're optimizing it. And that means a smarter, more capable team ready to tackle whatever comes next.

Tracking in place, what's left? Using those insights to refine, improve, and celebrate success. Let's keep pushing forward.

Step 6: Iterate and Improve

The journey doesn't end with tracking training metrics. It's what you do with that information that counts.

Welcome to the cycle of continuous improvement. 

With Exportable Reports, Continu gives you the tools to not just see but understand and act on your training data.

Download standard admin reports, such as Content Engagement to see if your training materials are engaging.

Exportable Reports are your deep dive into the specifics. They let you slice and dice the data, seeing patterns, successes, and areas for growth.

It's about getting granular with your insights and making targeted improvements.

Armed with this knowledge, you're ready to refine your training programs.

Update content, tweak pathways, and even celebrate wins. Because when you know what works, you can do more of it. And when you know what doesn't, you can fix it.

Here’s the best part…

Continu allows you to automate employee training AND generate insightful reports to evaluate your training program success.

With Continu, you're always learning (that’s our motto), always improving.

Continu Makes Automating Training Easy

Automating employee training just got easier. With Continu, you streamline the whole process.

It's all in one platform:

  • Easy to use. 
  • Easy to track. 
  • And it's flexible. 

Continu adapts to your team's needs. Making training effective and engaging. 

Ready to boost your team's skills? Continu is the way to go. Let's make training a breeze.

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About the Author
Terri James, VP of Product at Continu
Terri James
VP of Product

Terri is the VP of Product at Continu, a modern Learning Management System built to help companies train employees, customers and partners using one platform. For over a decade, Terri has led Continu as a product and is passionate about helping companies build a culture of learning.

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