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November 17, 2021
Sales Training
Training Your Remote Sales Team: Goals and Strategies

You've built your remote sales team, now it's time to train them. Learn how to empower your team to set and meet goals.

What Exactly is Enterprise Learning?

You may have heard enterprise learning used as a buzzword, but what does it actually mean for your team's future?

5 Steps to Take for Effective Remote Onboarding

Inefficient onboarding can be costly step, and it is important to constantly rework your onboarding strategy.

Building a Winning Learning and Development Strategy

A winning L&D strategy is crucial to companies no matter the size to help employees grow and reduce turn over.

Continu Updates
Continu Named 'Leader' in G2's 2021 Fall Reports

With data based on verified customer reviews, see why Continu was named as a Leader in G2's Fall Grid Report!

What Is Active Learning? Understanding Benefits, Tips and Techniques

Find out everything you need to know about active learning and the benefits of implementing it at your company.

Continu Updates
Continu Introduces Custom Report Builder for In-depth Measuring

Custom Report Builder helps admins add an extra layer to measure training outcome, and make data-driven decisions.

Collaborative Learning 101: Strategies and Benefits

Learn about the best strategies, and benefits of collaborative learning to help transform learning at work!

Continu Updates
Easily Give Permissions to Peers with Continu Profiles

Continu launches Profiles that allow users to make learning collaborative with granular user permissions.

Sales Training
How Training Can Help Motivate A Sales Team

Training can help motivate your sales team to build a better pipeline.

Active Listening: Importance, Benefits and Exercises for Better Employee Training

Active listening is a soft skill that can change the way your organization learns. Find out more about active listening.

15 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training is often overlooked but it is one trait that helps define an entire company's culture.

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