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Continu Updates
Continu Named Leader in G2 Summer Reports 2022

Continu was Named Leader in G2 Summer Reports 2022 for the 4th Time in a Row

Learning & Development
7 Learning and Development KPIs to Measure Success

L&D KPIs help us determine the direction we are heading in as a team to achieve bigger goals - here are 7 KPIs you need!

Learning & Development
How to Implement or Replace an LMS + Rollout Plan

Implementing and rolling out an LMS is a step by step process which sets you and your organization up for success. Here is how you do it!

Human Resources
41 Onboarding Trends & Statistics from Execs [2022]

Here's what executives and top-level management had to say about the upcoming onboarding trends and statistics for 2022.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a crucial part of the sales process, it's about providing your sales team with the materials, resources, and training they need to succeed.

Learning & Development
Social Learning: Everything You Need to Know [NEW]

Social learning is tried and tested concept in L&D today, but what does it really mean to incorporate social learning into your strategy?

Human Resources
How to Develop an Effective Onboarding Process

An effective onboarding process can make or break your new hire's onboarding experience. Here's our 8 step process to developing a solid onboarding process.

Learning & Development
Hybrid Learning: The Ultimate Guide

Take your whole organization training tactics to another level using hybrid learning. Unlock in-person and online training courses for your hybrid workforce.

Learning & Development
Blended Learning: The Ultimate Guide

This guide on blended learning will show you the true power of providing a mix of in-person and online training programs for employee learning and development.

Learning & Development
Enterprise Learning: The Ultimate Guide

Enterprise learning is ideal for large organizations looking to create, share, track, and measure the success of employee and external user training.

Continu Updates
Continu Welcomes Paul Hunt as VP of Sales

Paul Hunt, former CRO at Attane and Founder & Chapter Head of KC Pavilion, joins Continu’s leadership team as the VP of Sales!

Continu Updates
Continu Named 'Leader' 3rd Time in a Row by G2; Also Awarded 'Best Results'

In G2's recent reports, Continu has been named Leader for the 3rd time in a row.

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