PARTNER Training

Train partners like internal teams

Create, scale and measure your partner training initiatives with a modern learning platform built to consolidate training.

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Partner training that works

From resellers to consultants, partner training is an essential way to get all your partners up to speed with your offering, best practices and general guidelines.
Continu G2 badges for Spring 2024
Continu G2 badges for Spring 2024
Build Partner-Focused Learning Tracks

Create and customize learning tracks that help your partners learn your platform correctly.

Conduct Virtual & In-person Workshops

Create waitlists, attendance and automate your ILT sessions completely.

Automated Workflows

Build workflows that help your partners be on an effective learning journey.

Train in Your CRM

From due dates to custom notifications, ensure your partners never miss training sessions.

Integrate with Tools Your Partners Love

Connect with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, GCal and much more to take training where your partners are.

Track Progress in Real-Time

Measure how your customers are progressing in real-time with tailored reports.

Why choose Continu as your next partner training platform?


Higher Engagement Rate
Customers see 92% average engagement rate compared to the industry standard of 11%

Industry average 86%


Our platform is localized in more than 90 languages

Industry average <40%


Higher Completion Rate
Customers see a 90% course completion rate compared to industry averages of 40%

Industry average 79%


Average Hours Saved

Industry average 84%

The average customers save over 40,000 hours per year using Continu.