Compliance TRAINING

Adapt to modern compliance training

Automate compliance training with with a modern learning platform with higher engagement and a seamless learning experience.

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The only learning management system you need for compliance training

Compliance training does not have to feel like a chore. Help your teams enjoy learning with an intuitive learning platform for compliance.

Continu G2 badges for Spring 2024
Continu G2 badges for Spring 2024

Personalize compliance training
with a seamless user experience

Make compliance training interactive with automated workflows, deep integrations with your tech stack and ongoing customer support.

Segment Content by Teams

Build and share content based on your team's need and location.

Import & Export Data

Conveniently import all your compliance training material and export critical data summaries.

Automated Workflows

Deliver time-sensitive compliance training material across teams with automation.

Responsive Design

Let learners gain compliance training from anywhere and on any device.

Integrate with Tools Your Customers Use

Connect with tools you already use like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and more.

Track Progress in Real-Time

Measure your team's success, completion, and engagement rates in real-time.

Why choose Continu as your next employee onboarding platform?


Higher Engagement Rate
With a superior learning experience, customers see 92% average engagement rate compared to the industry standard of 71%

Industry average 86%


Our platform is localized in more than 90 languages

Industry average <40%


Higher Completion Rate
Customers see a 90% course completion rate compared to industry averages of 40%

Industry average 79%


Average Hours Saved

Industry average 84%

The average customers save over 40,000 hours per year using Continu.