Your Friends Deserve A
Superior Learning Experience

Get high-value rewards everytime you refer a friend!

How it works?

1. Complete the Form

Complete the form with your information and your referral`s information! Be sure to provide accurate information.

2. Refer a Friend

Our team will reach out your referral personally, and get insights on their interest, and learning needs.

3. Get Rewarded

You get rewarded in two scenarios! If you referral connects with you for a demo ,you will receive a gift card with up to $50 in value.

Receive Up to $1,500 in Gifts Cards

Based on your referral, their company size, and requirements you will receive a gift card up to $1,500 in value!

As a platform, Continu is highly valuable for companies with over 500 team members.

Get a Mac Book Pro + iPad Mini

If you refer a company with over 5,000 employees Continu will send you a Mac Book Pro! Yes, for real!

And it gets better!

If you refer a company with over 10,000 employees Continu will add an iPad Mini along with the MacBook.