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How Tegus Achieved 98% Learning Engagement While Doubling Headcount

Learn how Tegus saved nearly 400 hours of admin time with Continu and multiplied new hire ramp speeds.

In 2022, Tegus stood on the brink of massive growth. The Chicago-based market intelligence platform was fresh off of a $90 million Series B round and needed to scale fast. Recognizing the urgent need to operationalize and improve employee training, Tegus began searching for a learning management system to help improve ramp times and train employees at scale. 

Their journey led them to Continu, an LMS platform they use today to support learning and development across the entire organization.   

The Challenge: Navigating Hypergrowth

Faced with scaling from 300 to 650 employees, Tegus quickly realized the need for a robust LMS. Without a previous LMS, the company had no means to accurately measure success of existing training. Now, with rapid growth ahead of them, they need a way to consolidate training, streamline new hire onboarding, and track the effectiveness of learning initiatives. 

Ashley Zimmermann, Learning and Development Manager at Tegus, was the first to initiate the search for an LMS in the Customer Operations department, the largest team in the organization. Michelle Jorwic Carr, Manager of the People Program at Tegus, soon joined to assist with picking the right partner. 

Key LMS criteria

Key criteria for Tegus included an LMS with proactive support, a critical factor for a company embarking on its first LMS journey. The ability to scale with Tegus and compatibility with SCORM files from Articulate was also important. 

Additionally, Tegus was searching for HRIS at the same time, and wanted to pick an LMS that would play nicely with their HRIS system

“So without knowing where we were going to land we wanted to make sure we were picking an LMS that did have a lot of functionality with different HRIS systems because we knew we needed those two systems to work well together.” - Michelle said.

Solution: Partnering for Growth with Continu

Tegus’ LMS search led them to Continu, a platform that not only met their functional needs but also prioritized ease of use. 

Tegus was seeking more than just software; they wanted a learning partner that would actively support and grow with them. An essential aspect of their selection process was speaking with customer references, an opportunity Continu readily provided.

“We did talk to some other organizations who were using Continu but there were some other LMS platforms that wouldn’t let us talk to customers and it was nice to be able to have that,” she said. 

Dedication to learning

Tegus recognized Continu’s dedication to “always learning” and appreciated the team's approach to adding new features based on feedback.

“We knew that this was an LMS that had a team that was always trying to add new features and we are a platform ourselves, so we know that is very important,” Michelle added. 

Ultimately, Continu emerged as the solution that would expand with Tegus, fitting seamlessly into their growth strategy without compromising their learning initiatives.

Using Continu: A Unified Approach to Learning 

Today, Tegus uses Continu across all departments, leveraging team members from various parts of the organization as admins. Tegus’ use cases are diverse, and include:

  • Onboarding new hires 
  • Improving ramp times through pairing Articulate and Continu
  • Implementing corporate security training

Aligning corporate messaging

Recently, Tegus also completed a corporate pitch certification to unify employees around the language used to describe Tegus, ensuring consistent messaging across the company. 

Most prominently, Tegus is using Continu to create new training while integrating SCORM files to keep training up to date. Moreover, this further helps Tegus consolidate learning and expedite access to training for the entire organization.

“As we establish a real training and development culture, we want to make sure that everyone is best equipped for their roles. Being extremely customer-focused at Tegus, we aim for everyone in our organization to support customers the best they can. Getting team members ramped effectively is important so they feel confident.”

Increasing learning visibility and accessibility

Since implementing Continu, Tegus has increased ramp speed for all new hires, creating both visibility and excitement around learning progress.

“We are able to show the team a system where they can come in, log in, see everything they have accomplished and see what else is there for them to do.”

Tegus’ approach to training isn’t only about meeting requirements; they also offer optional training, fostering professional growth. 

“With Continu we are not only giving them what they need to have but also opportunities for professional development.”

Results with Continu: Enhanced Engagement and Efficiency

As of July 2023, Tegus has seen remarkable improvements with Continu. Learning engagement within the platform is up to 98%, a 35% increase from the previous quarter. This growth is complemented by significant time savings, with Continu admins at Tegus reclaiming up to 373 hours of admin time

Additionally, Continu’s customer success team helped Tegus hit the ground running.

"We have been blown away by the support of our customer success manager, Alex Coleman. He helped get us started right away and we are incredibly grateful for the confidence he instilled in our Learning and Development Team. Furthermore, the Continu support team has been excellent at listening to our feedback and making proactive changes quickly," Michelle said.

As Tegus looks ahead, the future of learning looks bright. Encouraged by the high engagement within the platform, the team wants to ensure more departments use Continu.  

“We are really excited about all that’s to come in finding ways to proactively support and train our teams, as well as grow our manager training opportunities,” Michelle said.  

Key Integrations

The Results:

Tegus has achieved 98% learner engagement rate (+35% from previous quarter)!

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