Terri James

VP of Product

Terri is the VP of Product at Continu, a modern Learning Management System built to help companies train employees, customers and partners using one platform. For over a decade, Terri has led Continu as a product and is passionate about helping companies build a culture of learning.

Terri James, VP of Product at Continu

Articles by Terri James

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There are a lot of reasons you need to train your customers. We've got 4 of the biggest listed here.

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11 Informal Learning Opportunities to Provide Employees

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Using LMS Automations to Decrease Administrative Time

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Using a Modern LMS to Centralize and Streamline Training

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How to Develop Engaging Training Materials in 7 Steps

Master the art of crafting compelling training materials! Follow these simple steps to engage learners effectively and create impactful learning experiences.

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How to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis (5 Steps)

Learn to conduct a Training Needs Analysis with Continu. Identify skill gaps and align training with business goals for team growth and competitive edge.

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9 Pre-Onboarding Strategies to Ramp Your New Hires Quickly

Discover key pre-onboarding strategies that engage new hires before day one, setting the stage for a seamless integration into their roles.

Learning & Development
10 Post Training Survey Questions to Ask

Post-training survey questions can help you make your trainings as effective as possible. These 10 feedback questions will get you started.