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How to Create Training Videos [5 Easy Steps]

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October 16, 2023

Dive into the step-by-step process of crafting impactful training videos, from planning to production, ensuring engaging and effective learning.

Develop a Training Manual That Works

Is your organization incorporating training videos for employee development? Well, according to The Vid Group's video training statistics for L&D:

  • 81% of L&D professionals plan on using new training techniques, including videos
  • 88% of organizations use virtual classrooms and video broadcasting as a training medium

What is a training video?

Training videos are video-based learning materials designed to showcase how to accomplish a certain task, provide viewers with information, or simplify complex processes into step-by-step actions.

Some examples of effective training videos are:

  • Product demonstrations or overviews
  • Educational topic coverage
  • How to complete a job-related task
  • Simplifying complex, written content

Why should instructional designers use training videos?

Video's been one of the most popular forms of learning since platforms such as YouTube have launched. In fact, based on a Pew Research Study, 87% of users said that YouTube is important for helping them learn new skills or knowledge.

Based on these statistics, videos for training are incredibly important to an organization's approach to learning and development.

That's why corporate trainers should incorporate training videos into their instructional designs.

Benefits of training videos for employee learning

Adding training videos to your employee development initiatives provide learners with another medium to consume content and learn new skills or information. This enables instructors to personalize training to different learning styles so each person partaking in the training can learn the way they prefer.

Some learners prefer quizzes, written content, social collaboration, or contextual learning.

Here are some of the benefits an organization can expect to receive after creating and using videos for employee training:

  1. Offers flexibility - the trend in training is focusing more on the individual learner. Employees want a more personalized learning experience. And one way to do this is by creating tailored videos. For example, you can use the same video concept to train on a new work procedure, but you can tweak sections to speak to legal versus the marketing team.
  2. Better engagement - everyone is busy and employees sometimes go through the motions of training without absorbing what is being taught. However, using video entices everyone to pay attention. Plus, it breaks up the monotony of a lecture.
  3. Increased retention - the goal of training is to create change. However, what is learned is often soon forgotten. Video has a better retention rate than other forms of training.  According to a recent study, normally a week after a training session is complete, employees have forgotten 65 percent of what was covered in the training. And after six months, employees will have forgotten 90 percent. However, the retention rate goes higher up to 65 percent by incorporating video.
  4. Viewable anywhere - whether you have sales teams who are constantly traveling or remote workers who never step foot into your office, training needs to cater to everyone. Video can be pre-recorded and uploaded to your training dashboard. That way employees have access to the training when it works best for them to take it.
  5. More comprehensive - videos are visual, but they also have an audio component. Whenever you combine more than one of the senses, you increase learning absorption. Plus, complex topics can be explained better through video. When an employee can see and hear a new skill to be learned, they can understand it easier than other forms of training.

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How to create training videos for employees

Creating training videos for employee development isn't a difficult process. In fact, it might be a quicker and easier way to develop training materials that get the point across quicker while being simpler to understand.

Step #1: Select a training topic

The first thing you'll need to do is choose a topic to train employees on. These can be competencies identified through a training needs assessment, new company policies, product overviews, or completing tasks.

The objective of the training is to improve skills and expand knowledge, so pick a topic that can do either (or both).

Step #2: Create a script

Next, you’ll want to create a video script or at least develop some talking points. Think about what value the video is adding and what you are trying to convey to your employees.

Your videos should be professional, easy to understand, and well-spoken so that your learners can follow along. That's why a script is important, it'll help structure your training videos in a way that flows better to deliver critical information.

Step #3: Record the training video

After you build your script, it’s time to record your video. By using a platform like a learning management system you can easily record and upload videos directly into your existing training materials. You can use the camera on your computer or even your phone mounted to a tripod. And with modern video recording software like Podcastle you can get high quality video and audio recording directly on your device.

Step #4: Edit the video

Once the training video is done being recorded, it's time to edit the video in a way that cuts out unnecessary verbiage and gets the point across clearly. Remove any downtime and confusing graphics to streamline the flow of information.

Step #5: Insert videos into the training

Finally, you’ll want to go back to your notes and find out where these videos should be inserted into your training. After you have uploaded everything, you should assign someone to take the training modules to make sure they make sense with the new video components added in.

Using training videos for your organization

We’ve talked about how to make training videos and give you a simple process to follow. By keeping these best practices in mind and signing on a potential video partner, you’ll be able to incorporate training videos into your learning program. So take a look at your current training modules to see where video can further enhance the concepts to be learned.

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