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Human Resources
Attrition Rate: Unlock the Secrets to Employee Retention

What is attrition rate? And how can you use this metric to retain top-talent within your organization?

Human Resources
The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist for New Hires

This ultimate employee onboarding checklist will help you integrate new hires into the company is no time by creating an engaging onboarding experience!

Journeys: The Future of Tailored Learning

Continu Journeys is a feature that helps admins streamline learning objectives with the end goal in mind. Here is how you use it.

Learning & Development
Personalized Learning for Employees: Complete Guide

Unlock your team's full potential through personalized learning. Discover the benefits and challenges of personalizing the learning experience for employees.

Continu x iorad: Build Interactive Tutorials for Better Learning

Build interactive tutorials for better learning with Continu's integration with iorad. Find out how iorad integrates with Continu to create a better experience.

Human Resources
Creating an Employee Development Plan: Steps & Template

Creating a good employee development plan will make sure you set a solid structure for an employee's career path while retaining top talent.

Learning & Development
11 Key Development Areas for Employees at Work

Explore 11 key areas of employee development, the benefits both an organization and employee receive, and how an LMS can support their growth.

Learning & Development
Blended Learning: The Ultimate Guide

Blended learning is a powerful approach to provide an effective and engaging mix of in-person and online learning methods to boost learner retention.

Learning & Development
5 Absolute Best eLearning Authoring Tools for 2023

Find the best eLearning authoring tools to create interactive, engaging courses, and their features to choose the right one for your organization's training.

Sales Enablement: The Ultimate Guide

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with a comprehensive sales enablement strategy. Learn the key steps to drive business growth.

Learning & Development
How to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis (5 Steps)

Learn the best methods and five-step process for conducting a training needs analysis to ensure effective employee training and development.

Learning & Development
AI in Learning and Development: The Future is Now!

Explore the benefits of AI in learning and development, how to overcome common challenges and data limitations while improving training programs with AI.