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Learning & Development
How to Calculate and Measure the ROI of Training

Uncover the power of calculating training ROI. From formulas to methods, explore how to measure and amplify the impact of your training investments.

Learning & Development
Why Every Organization Needs to Incorporate Virtual Training

Explore the power of virtual training in today's corporate world. Dive into its advantages, effectiveness, and how an LMS elevates the experience.

Continu Workshops: What You Love Deserves Its Own Home

Continu Workshops are designed to help facilitators make content easily searchable, reach more learners and promote workshops to help ...

Retail Sales Training Unleashed: Your Guide to Success

Discover the power of effective retail sales training with our ultimate guide. Boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive success.

Learning & Development
The Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation: Maximize Training

Unlock effective training with our guide to the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation. Learn to measure and evaluate your training's impact on business success.

Human Resources
Diversity Training Programs: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Discover the power of diversity and inclusion training to create a thriving workplace. Learn the types, methods and steps to develop a successful program.

Learning & Development
Mastering Extended Enterprise Learning: The Complete Guide

Explore extended enterprise learning: discover its types, benefits, and implementation strategies to boost collaboration, growth, and business success.

Learning & Development
The Training Needs Assessment Blueprint for Success

Unlock your team's potential with our comprehensive guide to conducting a training needs assessment that drives impactful employee development.

Learning & Development
100 Best Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Here are 100 of the best employee engagement survey questions to ask your employee and assess how they view and interact with your company.

Journeys: The Future of Tailored Learning

Continu Journeys is a feature that helps admins streamline learning objectives with the end goal in mind. Here is how you use it.

Learning & Development
Personalized Learning for Employees: Complete Guide

Unlock your team's full potential through personalized learning. Discover the benefits and challenges of personalizing the learning experience for employees.

Continu x iorad: Build Interactive Tutorials for Better Learning

Build interactive tutorials for better learning with Continu's integration with iorad. Find out how iorad integrates with Continu to create a better experience.