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The 6 Best LMS for Customer Training

Emily Mason
Writer, Learning and Development

Explore the top 6 LMS platforms optimized for customer training, offering features like interactive modules, analytics, and tailored learning paths.

Choosing an LMS

Customer training is now a vital business function. What’s caused such a massive shift in recent years? A few major factors, including:

  • The proliferation of SaaS companies,
  • The increasing complexity of software programs, and 
  • The rising importance of brand personas and brand loyalty.

Companies are realizing that customer training is one of the better investments they can make. It increases product engagement, satisfaction rates, and sales. Effective customer training positions your services and products in the best possible way – giving your customers confidence to use the full range of features. 

An LMS is the ideal way to deliver customer training, but with so many options on the market, how can you be sure you’re getting the best one for you? 

Ready to weigh out some options for a customer training LMS? Here are 6 of the best to consider, along with pros & cons of each to help you find the best fit to support your customer training program. 

1. Continu

Continu customer training LMS illustration

Continu is the leading LMS designed to train your employees, customers, and partners. Named the Leader by G2 in the Corporate LMS and LxP categories, we’re also leading the way with ease of use and customer satisfaction – 93% of our users would recommend the platform to someone else! 

Continu's G2 Winter 2023 Award Badges
Continu's G2 Winter 2023 Award Badges

Continu can become the single source for all your workplace learning, inside and outside your organization. Continu is particularly well-suited to customer training, because it effectively incorporates multimedia modules, microlearning, an intuitive UX, and offers powerful automation and reporting. Continu makes training a delight for your customers. 

With powerful course authoring tools, deep analytics, and beautiful, intentional design, our platform helps you to create and share effective training content with your clients so they can master your products and become champions for your brand.

Key features of Continu: 

  • Powerful automation helps your admins develop training materials, set learning tracks, and send timely training notifications to your customers. Save time for your customer service reps by automating your onboarding & offering self-paced training. 
  • Data insights pinpoint your most searched and viewed training content. Leverage that data to help you determine when to try cross-selling or upselling and boost customer retention rates.
  • Badges help you to gamify training and celebrate customer achievements for completing courses and mastering your product. 
  • Infinitely-scalable platform is available to your customers anywhere on any device.

Key Continu Integrations: 

  • Seamless integrations with Slack, Okta, MS Teams, Workday, Scorm, Google Meet, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Notable Continu Customers

Continu's top customers include: Slack, Upwork, Rue Gilt Groupe, GoPro, Warner Music Group, Dollar Shave Club, and much more...

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2. WorkRamp

WorkRamp's home page dashboard

WorkRamp is an all-in-one learning platform to help organizations build engaging learning experiences for employees, customers, and partners. WorkRamp allows teams to build customized learning experiences at scale for employees, customers, and partners.

Key Features of WorkRamp:

  • Customized academies allow you to build a customer training program aligned with your brand.
  • WorkRamp offers robust data and reporting features to help you track customer engagement 
  • Integrates with popular customer management tools

Key integrations with WorkRamp: 

Salesforce, Stripe, Google Analytics, Zoom, Slack

WorkRamp Customers:

Box, Outreach, Plaid, Reddit, Sprout Social 

3. Talent LMS

TalentLMS home screen

Talent LMS provides a training solution for any team and any use, backed by expert guidance and support. With a user-friendly interface, Talent LMS offers a consistent experience that will impress your customers.

Key Features of TalentLMS:

  • Can be localized in 30+ languages, with custom homepages for specific groups of users – employees, customers, or partners. 
  • Certification management tools make it easy to offer customers accreditation in your product. 
  • Keeps training consistent across partners and customers so everyone has up-to-date information.

Key TalentLMS integrations: 

Bamboo HR, Salesforce, Zoom, GoTo Meeting

TalentLMS Customers

Roland, Deliveroo, Ebay, Panera Bread, Duolingo

4. Litmos

The SAP Litmos course catalog screen

Litmos develops eLearning solutions for top-performing companies. They offer an easy-to-use LMS with a comprehensive learning content library and help organizations to deliver critical knowledge to employees, customers, and partners at any time.

Key Features of Litmos: 

  • Built-in ecommerce features allow you to monetize customer training, if you wish to offer paid add-ons.
  • Effective tracking helps you to see what customers are enjoying and what training material might need improvement. 
  • Mix multimedia format and Litmos’ proprietary learning content to deliver engaging courses. 

Key Litmos Integrations: 

Dropbox, Google, MS Teams, Okta, Zendesk

Litmos Customers

Lions Clubs International, SunRun, FordDirect, Celigo, ADP

5. Paradiso

Paradiso LMS home page dashboard

Paradiso is an emerging eLearning service company providing eLearning solutions to organizations across the globe.

Key Features of Paradiso: 

  • Embedded support chat within Paradiso means that you’re always just a message away from help to design your customer training program.
  • Performance tracking features help you see how your customers are progressing through training courses. 
  • Access learning anytime, anywhere and on any device. Full access to all the LMS features on mobile devices. 

Key Paradiso Integrations:

SAP, Salesforce, Adobe Connect, Shopify, Sharepoint

Paradiso Customers

IBM, Flipkart, EESL, Datamatics, KASB

6. eFront 

eFront LMS home page dashboard

eFront is a flexible LMS platform for enterprises that need advanced security measures and extensive customization to train masses of employees, partners and customers.

Key features of eFront: 

  • Easily track customers’ completed courses and offer certifications. 
  • Single platform to support an endless number of customers as you grow. 
  • Intuitive UX allows your customers to complete training on their own time and stay on track with their progress. 

Key eFront Integrations: 

GoTo Meeting, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Calendar, Slack

eFront Customers

Gateway, Ideagen, Fujitsu, Engel, Operam

Why you need an LMS for customer training

As customer training grows in importance, businesses of all sizes are looking for support to create efficient programs. An LMS is an ideal platform to host, create, and track customer training. 

  • Supports interactive learning through multimedia modules and social connections
  • Gives detailed reporting on course completion, learner progress, and areas of difficulty
  • Offers training and answers to customers anytime, on any device
  • Allows you to segment content between employees, customers, vendors – and different types within each category! 

If you use an LMS for customer training, you’ll also be able to leverage some of these key trends that customers now expect when purchasing a product or service:

Benefits of an LMS for customer training 

1. Centralize your customer training materials 

An LMS provides the central source to organize all of your organization’s learning – for employees and customers alike. The right LMS will make it simple to upload and organize all your training materials. It should also allow you to easily segment and assign materials to specific users, job roles, regions, and stages of the customer journey.

2. Design customer learning tracks 

A great LMS should support learning tracks – curated sequences of training materials that help a customer holistically understand your product. These tracks are both a check-list for the customer as well as an incentive to complete courses (especially if you offer certifications upon mastery!). 

3. Boost customer engagement and satisfaction

The right LMS for customer training will be a delight to use! When customers become confident users of your product, they’ll use more of its features and be more satisfied with their experience. An LMS with a great user interface and quality, engaging materials will be a significant contributing factor to overall customer success. 

4. Leverage detailed reporting 

The best customer training LMS will offer plenty of insight, data, and tracking capabilities to see where your customers might be losing interest or struggling to understand your product or features. It will also give you a better idea of the most common questions or problems that your clients need help to solve. The learning platform will make it easy to gather, analyze, and download this data to help refine your customer training program. 

Choosing your customer training LMS

Now that you’ve seen some top options for a customer training LMS, it’s time to list out your needs and pick the best fit for your customers.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of client training with an LMS, why not take a peek behind the scenes at Continu? You’ll see how simple it is to create engaging content and deliver it to create champions for your brand.

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About the Author
Emily Mason is the Content Writer at Continu.
Emily Mason
Writer, Learning and Development

Emily is a copywriter and content marketer specializing in Learning and Development. Emily is currently based in West Michigan. She loves words, coffee, and walking by the lake.

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