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5 Absolute Best eLearning Authoring Tools for 2023

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October 17, 2023

Explore the top 5 eLearning authoring tools of 2023, their standout features, and how they can elevate your course creation process.

Choosing an LMS

As the demand for online learning continues to grow, so does the need for powerful eLearning authoring tools.

In this post, we'll explore the best options available in 2023, providing you with a comprehensive overview of each tool's features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Whether you're an educator, trainer, or instructional designer, you won't want to miss this guide to choosing the perfect authoring tool for your needs.

So, let's dive in!

1. Continu

Continu is also a powerful elearning authoring tool which means companies can create training materials directly within this platform and doesn't the aid of third parties. Learning Tracks is how administrators create courses, facilitate onboarding flows, quizzes, and more.

Continu offers a versatile cloud-based interface and is one of the only LMS companies offering blended learning for both online and in-person training. The platform is easy to use, doesn’t overcomplicate the implementation process, and keeps up with changing technology.

Besides using Continu as an LMS, the platform is also a knowledge base or Intranet system which helps cut company costs and save time.

Continu's powerful elearning authoring tools mke it easy to develop engaging training courses.

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2. Bridge

Bridge by Instructure is an outcome-based talent management system for companies large and small. This company provides training, development, and a platform to bring companies together to better retain their current workforces.

Bridge is a performance management software that helps define new company strategies, and new decisions with analytics, and promotes employee and management development.

Some of the features include continuous innovation and advancement, and customer service support. With Bridge, companies can achieve happier and more well-trained employees.

Does your organization need a powerful learning management system? Are they already using Bridge LMS? Here's a list of Bridge LMS alternatives that can help skyrocket employee development.

3. Allego

Allego’s mission is to give sales teams and other employees the tools to succeed through accessing and using knowledge. What sets them apart from others is a unique training platform.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach with long training sessions, they offer more of a modern approach to learning. Allego feels this learning that combines technology and brain science is better than long training sessions resulting in obsolete material that is forgotten easily.

With their learning platform, they aim to help sales reps close deals easier and faster.

4. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a cloud-based LMS that is SCORM and TinCan certified. Users can easily transfer presentations, videos, and other online material through their integrations. Plus, administrators can create custom domains, logos, and themes.

5. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a learning management system that offers an HTML5-based user interface that works well with companies’ various hardware platforms. This technology works on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Absorb LMS gives self-guided lessons that have tasks, videos, quizzes, documents, surveys, exams, and more. The learning materials enable users to access only the materials like or are required by the company.

Companies can buy a standard version or upgrade with an add-on called Mercury Module. While Absorb LMS offers an extensive list of features, it is also a bit pricey and may not work for smaller companies.

Looking to swap from Absorb LMS to a modern learning platform? Check out our list of Absorb LMS alternatives to choose from.

Elearning authoring tools FAQs

What is an eLearning authoring tool?

An eLearning authoring tool is software that enables users to create and develop digital educational content, such as online courses, interactive presentations, and multimedia training materials, without the need for programming or technical expertise. The tool typically provides a visual interface for designing and organizing content, adding multimedia elements, and tracking user progress.

What features should I look for in an eLearning authoring tool?

When choosing an eLearning authoring tool, you should look for features such as content creation and organization, multimedia support, user tracking and assessment, sharing and collaboration, and interactive elements. The specific features you need will depend on your goals and the type of content you plan to create.

How do eLearning authoring tools differ from each other?

eLearning authoring tools can differ in terms of features, ease of use, cost, and compatibility with different devices and platforms. Some eLearning authoring tools are designed for use by non-technical users, while others are more suitable for advanced users with technical expertise.

Can I create online courses with an eLearning authoring tool?

Yes, you can create online courses with an eLearning authoring tool. These tools are specifically designed for creating digital educational content, and many of them offer features such as course organization, interactive elements, and multimedia support to help you create engaging and effective online courses.

Can I add multimedia elements to my eLearning content?

Yes, most eLearning authoring tools support the addition of multimedia elements, such as images, audio, video, and animations, to your content. This can help to make your courses more engaging and interactive, and can help to convey information more effectively.

Are eLearning authoring tools suitable for non-technical users?

Yes, some eLearning authoring tools are designed to be used by non-technical users, and provide an intuitive visual interface for designing and organizing content. Other eLearning authoring tools may be more suitable for advanced users with technical expertise, and may require a deeper understanding of the software and programming concepts.

How much does an eLearning authoring tool cost?

The cost of an eLearning authoring tool can vary widely, depending on the features and level of complexity of the software. Some eLearning authoring tools are free, while others can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Are there any free eLearning authoring tools available?

Yes, there are free eLearning authoring tools available. Some popular free options include Articulate Rise and Elucidat. However, free eLearning authoring tools may have limited features compared to paid options, and may not be suitable for more complex projects.

How do I track learner progress with an eLearning authoring tool?

Most eLearning authoring tools provide features for tracking student progress, such as the ability to track completion of courses, assessments, and quizzes. Some tools may also provide detailed analytics on student performance and engagement, which can help you to identify areas for improvement in your courses.

Can I share my eLearning content with others?

Yes, most eLearning authoring tools provide options for sharing and collaborating on your content, either by publishing your courses online, or by sharing them with others through a cloud-based platform or other means. Some tools may also provide features for tracking user progress and engagement, which can help you to assess the effectiveness of your courses.

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