Emily Mason

Writer, Learning and Development

Emily is a copywriter and content marketer specializing in Learning and Development. Emily is currently based in West Michigan. She loves words, coffee, and walking by the lake.

Emily Mason is the Content Writer at Continu.

Articles by Emily Mason

Learning & Development
How to Automate Employee Training

Unlock the secrets to automating employee training. Learn time-saving techniques & tools for efficient, effective, and engaging learning experiences!

Learning & Development
Your Guide to Successful Customer Training

Customer training is just as important as training employees, it allows customers to help themselves by familiarizing them with your products or services.

Learning & Development
How to Build an Effective Customer Training Program

Discover the key elements of designing a customer training program that drives engagement and increases retention with the help of this comprehensive guide.

Learning & Development
How to Deliver Engaging Mandatory Training to Employees

Find out how using an LMS like Continu can allow your organization to deliver mandatory training to employees in an engaging way that boosts completion rates.

Learning & Development
The 6 Best LMS for Customer Training

Unlock your team's full potential with the top LMS for customer training! Check out our list of the best LMS platforms to effectively train your customers.

Human Resources
Quiet Quitting and the Problem of Disengaged Learners

Quiet quitting has become a popular buzzword for organizations. Find out how to prevent employees from quietly quitting using a modern LMS like Continu.

Learning & Development
The Importance of Upskilling During Economic Downturn

During this economic downturn, employee upkilling has become more important than ever. Find out how Continu makes this much easier to solve.