Emily Mason

Writer, Learning and Development

Emily is a copywriter and content marketer specializing in Learning and Development. Emily is currently based in West Michigan. She loves words, coffee, and walking by the lake.

Emily Mason is the Content Writer at Continu.

Articles by Emily Mason

Learning & Development
How to Conduct an Effective Training Evaluation

Unlock the secrets to powerful training evaluations! Learn effective techniques to measure success and boost your team's learning outcomes.

Learning & Development
Learning Paths - An Easy Way to Structure Training

Explore how learning paths personalize training, boost engagement, and drive career growth in our comprehensive guide to effective learning strategies.

Learning & Development
The Power of Self-Directed Learning for Organizations

Unlock your potential with self-directed learning! Dive into this empowering approach to master new skills at your own pace and on your terms.

Learning & Development
How to Build a 30-60-90 Day Plan for New Hires

Unlock your potential in just 90 days! Learn how a 30 60 90 day plan can transform your career trajectory and set you up for unprecedented success.

Learning & Development
22 Most Impactful LMS Features You Need

We've compiled a list of the 22 most impactful LMS features your organization needs to provide effective and engaging corporate training initiatives.

Learning & Development
Customer Enablement: Set Up Customers For Success

Empower your customers! Discover strategies and tools for effective customer enablement to drive product adoption and user satisfaction.

Learning & Development
The Importance of Just in Time Training: Benefits and Methods

Unlock your team's full potential with just-in-time training! Learn how this agile approach boosts productivity, reduces costs, and fosters growth.

10 Components of a Powerful Sales Enablement Strategy

Unlock sales success with our guide on the top 10 strategy components for sales enablement. Elevate your team and close deals faster than ever before!

Partner Training: The Absolute Ultimate Guide

Partner training enables organizations to create, track, and measure the training initiatives delivered to organizational partners and help improve their sales.

Learning & Development
How to Create Training Workshops for Employees

Discover the essential steps to create engaging and effective training workshops for employees. Design impactful workshops that foster learning and growth!

Learning & Development
How to Develop Effective Employee Training Modules (+ Examples)

Unlock the secrets to creating engaging employee training modules. Boost skills, performance, and start transforming your employee training today!

Learning & Development
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT): Complete Guide

Explore the advantages of virtual instructor-led training and learn how to create engaging, effective online learning experiences for your team or organization.