Product Update: What's New - November 2022

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October 4, 2023

November 2022 Product Update: Continu launches three new features - Microsoft and Google Meet integrations as well as Badges!

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Always learning, always developing. We want the Continu platform to be as responsive as possible, with ongoing enhancements to streamline your workflow and support your admins and learners.

Integrated learning is foundational to keeping your learners engaged.

For us, this means using as many tools and methods as possible to weave learning and training into the places where your team already works each day. Integrated learning also moves training from a private to a shared and relational part of work. It’s so important to recognize the achievements of team members and identify connections across departments for mentoring and further learning. 

And, at the end of the day, we want to keep the experience for admins as simple as possible as they create, share, connect, and measure in Continu. We know these newest features will make all those things simpler! 

So, we’re excited to announce the launch of three new features within the Continu platform: 

  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Google Meet integration
  • Badges 

Let’s explore the benefits of each new feature:

Microsoft Teams 

Many businesses rely on MS Teams as the foundation of their internal communications and collaborative work. From video calls and chat to file sharing and storage, MS Teams is the program where many learners spend the bulk of their day.

With this important new integration, administrators are able to automatically create and share MS Teams URLs when scheduling and assigning workshops in Continu. Additionally, admins will be able to easily track attendance within each workshop and session, a particularly valuable tool for staying on top of compliance and certifications.

The MS Teams integration will keep it simple for you to weave learning seamlessly into the programs your team is already using. 

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Google Meet 

Google Meet is another key integration that we’re excited to announce. Administrators are now able to add Google Meet URLs automatically when scheduling and assigning workshops in Continu. 

We’re confident that this will continue to streamline the work for admins, offer value for Google-based teams, and ultimately lead to higher rates of completion as you make it simple for your teams to join workshops and training sessions. 


Lastly, we’re helping you to recognize achievements and growth in your team with Continu badges! You’ve enjoyed having completion certificates for courses and we’re ready to take things to the next level with badges.

These new badges will be earned based on learner development, providing more opportunities for recognition and measuring progress across the organization. We’re eager to see how your teams use badges to improve collaboration, coaching, and even mentoring opportunities, since they “show off” what others are interested in or currently learning about. 

Even more exciting, the badges are just a taste of future plans we have to introduce some healthy competition into a sometimes-slightly-boring aspect of corporate life. It’s time to earn some badges! 

We hope these updates have inspired you to get creating and sharing new content in Continu for your teams. We have more updates in the works that we can’t wait to share with you soon!

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