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Better together: Google Meet and your LMS

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October 4, 2023

The Continu plus Google Meet integration enables organizations to host virtual training sessions and workshops.

Choosing an LMS

After the dramatic changes to work life in 2020, video conferencing tools are in use like never before. Google Meet is one of the tools that has risen to the top for its versatility, easy access, and robust availability backed by the Google brand and reputation. Google Meet has over 250,000 active daily users and we’ve found many organizations who use it as a secure and convenient way to meet internally and to host client meetings. 

By pairing Google Meet with the right LMS, your team will find it easier than ever to access and engage with training materials. Keep reading for our top reasons why Google Meet and your LMS are better together, and the key components to look for in a supportive and robust LMS. 

Tools for modern business: Google Meet and Learning Management Systems

Google Meet is a video conferencing app–part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which boasted 3 billion users by the end of 2021. Google Meet is widely used for its versatility, easy access, and robust availability. Over 250,000 active daily users can attest to that, and we’ve encountered many professionals who use it as a secure and convenient way to meet internally and to host client meetings. 

Within Google Workspace, businesses have access to a custom email and to a suite of collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more. With such wide usage and popularity, Google Meet is an excellent arena for workplace training. As online seminars have gained traction in L&D methodology, video conferencing is more in-demand than ever; it is certainly here to stay! 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are another prominent fixture in the modern workplace. An LMS is a form of employee management software that offers onboarding training, role-based skill development, and learning materials for professional development. Learners can easily access courses, training programs, and track their progress using an LMS. 

What are some top benefits and features of an LMS?

  • It supports microlearning, offering shorter sessions to increase engagement, improve knowledge retention, and motivate your team better than traditional training seminars
  • It replaces limited corporate intranets as a central source of updated information to help your teams work off the same, easily-accessible information
  • Helps you create streamlined learning tracks where admins can easily track learner progress and effectively assess learning in multiple ways
  • Easier to scale than traditional training programs. Allowing you to activate new users, and quickly develop, test, and deploy new training materials  

When paired together, Google Meet and your LMS support your teams to be more agile, connected and engaged.

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What to look for in an LMS integration

We hope you’re excited about saving significant time and simplifying L&D through a Google Meet - LMS integration. But, what features should you look for in your LMS partner? 

  • Ease of use 

When your teams have easy access to training materials and important documents at their fingertips, integrated learning will grow. Look for an LMS with a modern, clean look and an interface that helps your team see what modules are required and what’s optional at a glance. 

  • Efficiency

With all the initiatives you have running and users to manage, you need a powerful and smart LMS platform. We see lots of businesses with legacy LMS systems that are layered with outdated technology and actually make for more work, not less! Your LMS should be meaningfully integrated with your most-used tools, offer detailed reporting, and smart automation features. 

  • Cohesive experience 

When you onboard new team members and introduce seasoned ones to your new LMS, it should create the simplest experience a user has ever had! Look for tools that make content creation a simple and inspiring task, and for integrated notifications and automated training workflows that give each learner an intuitive and positive experience. 

  • Support 

Do you trust your LMS partner to resolve support tickets quickly and provide exceptional support? In the progression from implementation to daily use of your LMS, look for a customer support team who will be available to help you make the absolute most of your investment. Evaluate their support ticket process and look for the reviews of other satisfied users on G2.

Why Choose Continu

At Continu, we understand the power and value of MS Teams, so your learners and admins will enjoy the benefits of simple workshop URLs, attendance tracking, and more. If your organization operates with Google Meet, we’re confident that Continu is the ideal LMS to help you achieve integrated learning with high engagement.

How Continu helps your team:
  • Create training courses within the platform and easily update old materials
  • Deliver training modules directly to employees 
  • Gamify the training experience with rewards, badges, and leaderboards
  • Segment your learners into smaller groups with similar learning preferences or other traits 
  • Assess employees before and after training sessions 
  • Track & measure training progress
  • Suggest new courses or modules that may spark curiosity or interest in your team members

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