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Enable and equip your sales team with
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Sales teams are at the forefront of driving revenue, and the faster your team ramps, and gets to closing, the better it is for your company-wide goals. Continu helps you build sales training courses, consolidate learning materials, and measure progress in real-time.

Continu G2 badges for Spring 2024
Continu G2 badges for Spring 2024

Get closing in days!

Get your sales team meeting quotas, finding new opportunities, and winning deals.

Powerful Learning Workflows

Implement your sales training strategy with automated workflows.

Personalized Learning & More

Create learning initiatives based on departments, teams, locations and more.

Real-Time Measurement & Tracking

Assess, report, and manage data conveniently with in-depth real-time reporting.

Automated Learning Journey

Help employees get on an automated learning journey towards success.

Integrate with Your Tech Stack

Connect learning with Salesforce, Zoom, Google Calendar, and many others to keep the learning process seamless.

Access 1000s of Courses

Use content partners like LinkedIn, Udemy, Go1 or import/build your own training to help partners reach the next level.

Why choose Continu as your next sales training platform?


Higher Engagement Rate
With a superior learning experience, customers see 92% average engagement rate compared to the industry standard of 71%

Industry average 86%


Our platform is localized in more than 90 languages

Industry average <40%


Higher Completion Rate
Customers see a 90% course completion rate compared to industry averages of 40%

Industry average 79%


Average Hours Saved

Industry average 84%

The average customers save over 40,000 hours per year using Continu.

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