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Meet the high demands of the financial services sector with a modern learning platform.

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Benefits of an LMS
for financial services

Seamless Compliance
Stay on top of compliance training with automated reminders and a digital audit trail.
Train Learners Globally
Reach your entire organization with an accessible platform – available anytime on any device.
Automate Your Training
Powerful automation helps you keep pace with the digital revolution in finance.

Built for your learning challenges

Security First

Keep training materials and sensitive information secure with enterprise-level standards with a SOC II compliant LMS platform.

Strategic Integrations

Continu blends seamlessly with the tools you use every day. Weave required training into daily workflows to boost engagement and completion rates.

Engaging Compliance Training

Create and deliver effective compliance training to combat fraud, avoid non-compliance penalties, and get your teams on the same page with company policy.

Upskill Your Teams

Deliver in-time training content for a well-trained workforce with on-demand e-learning and access to policies & service manuals.

Streamline Your Audit Trail

Clear tracking & reporting help you demonstrate compliance and learner course completion in a highly-regulated industry.

Measure Progress

Pinpoint and close skill gaps with effective data on training and learner progress. Ditch repetitive training and edit your courses with user feedback.

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Financial organizations love Continu

Pierre, Account Manager
“I like the dashboard best, it keeps track of everything; including training, assignments, and tasks. My experience with Continu during training was very user friendly.”
Dada, Compliance Analyst
“Very easy to find out what I need to learn next, how long until it's due, and how far along I am.”
Verified User in Financial Services

Why choose Continu as your next learning platform?


Higher Engagement Rate
Customers see 92% average engagement rate compared to the industry standard of 11%

Industry average 86%


Our platform is localized in more than 90 languages

Industry average <40%


Higher Completion Rate
Customers see a 90% course completion rate compared to industry averages of 40%

Industry average 79%


Average Hours Saved

Industry average 84%

The average customers save over 40,000 hours per year using Continu.

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