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Tackle financial training challenges with Continu

In the era of fintech and AI, continuous professional development in financial services is crucial. Continu's learning management system streamlines training, ensuring compliance and data security.

Benefits of Continu for financial services

Seamless Regulatory Compliance 

Stay on top of compliance training with automated reminders and a digital audit trail. 

Global Training

Reach your entire organization with an accessible platform – available anytime on any device.

Flexible Learning 

Serve a diverse workforce with a variety of training options including virtual, in-person, and multimedia.  

Measure ROI

Pinpoint and close skill gaps with robust analytics to assess learning outcomes.

Security First

Protect training materials and sensitive information using a SOC II-compliant enterprise-standard LMS.

Strategic Integrations

Continu blends seamlessly with the tools you love. Weave required training into daily workflows to boost engagement and completion rates.

Engaging Compliance Training

Combat fraud, avoid non-compliance penalties, and get your teams on the same page with company policy. 

Upskill Your Teams

Deliver in-time training content for a well-trained workforce with on-demand e-learning and access to policies & service manuals.

Streamline Your Audit Trail

Clear tracking & reporting help you demonstrate compliance and learner course completion in a highly-regulated industry.

Automate Workflows

Save thousands of admin hours and streamline employee focus on essential tasks with powerful automations.

Financial organizations love Continu

I also love the fact that it tells you how many learning tracks you've completed. Continu makes it easy to learn via slides, videos, audio clips and by taking quizzes."

Pierre, Account Manager

“I like the dashboard best, it keeps track of everything; including training, assignments, and tasks. My experience with Continu during training was very user friendly.”

Dada, Compliance Analyst

“Very easy to find out what I need to learn next, how long until it's due, and how far along I am.”

Verified User in Financial Services


Continu: Tailored for financial excellence 

User Analytics

Dive deep into learner metrics, vital for compliance and risk management.

Interactive Content

Engage teams with dynamic financial modules and market-related scenarios.


Motivate and reward learners through a seamless learning Journey.

Collaborative Tools

Foster teamwork and shared learning experiences.

Feedback Mechanisms

Obtain real-time feedback for continuous financial training refinement.

Automated Notifcations

Minimize administrative tasks and keep users informed and on track effortlessly.

Cloud-Based Access

Ensure training is available anytime, anywhere.

Multi-Language Support

Serve global financial teams with diverse language preferences.

Why financial organizations use our LMS

Higher Engagement Rate
Higher Completion Rate
Average Hours Saved

Frequently asked questions

What makes Continu's LMS uniquely suited for the financial sector?

Continu's LMS stands out in the financial sector for multiple reasons. Recognized as the top user-friendly LMS by platforms like G2, we prioritize a seamless learning experience, which fosters a vibrant learning culture; a testament to our high learner approval. 

Administrators find content creation and updates remarkably swift, saving thousands of hours. Our versatile all-in-one platform caters to both internal and external training across diverse organizational use cases. Also, Continu embraces a modern approach with intuitive designs, robust dashboards, and integrated features, ensuring heightened learning engagement.

Who is Continu ideal for?

Continu is ideal for high-growth companies and enterprise teams with more than 500+ employees. Our LMS is versatile and adaptable, making it ideal for any company aiming to upskill their workforce, reduce new hire onboarding time, and streamline training and development initiatives.

Why choose Continu over other Learning Management System platforms?

Continu was built by experienced learning and development consultants who recognized the pitfalls of legacy training tools. These tools were often clunky, overly complex and the source of much user frustration.

Choosing Continu sets you apart with a combination of user-friendly design, robust features, and exceptional customer support. Continuously rated a leader in the LMS category on software review sites like G2, the platform’s success with users and admins across all industries speaks for itself. Additionally, our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement ensures you're always ahead in the rapidly evolving field of learning and development.

Is my content secure on your platform?

Absolutely. Your content is protected through robust encryption and access controls. We adhere to industry best practices to ensure your data remains confidential and secure. Additionally, our platform complies with data protection regulations, providing you with peace of mind as you create, store, and manage your valuable training content.

Learn more about Continu’s security approach here.

Do you provide any support?

Yes! Our award-winning customer success and support teams work closely with you as partners to provide preventative care, guided onboarding programs and offer unlimited access to our knowledge base.