LMS FOR Hospitality

Tailored learning for everyone

Equip your employees, customers and vendors with a modern learning platform wherever they are.

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Benefits of an LMS for
the hospitality industry

Provide Ongoing Training
Adapt to changing consumer trends and reduce high-turnover with a seamless content creation and sharing process.
Vendor Training
Introduce vendors to your brand, policies and get them up to speed quickly with a tailored approach to training.
Deliver Blended Learning
Provide targeted training from guest relations to food service & hygiene -- offer in-person and online training that sticks.

Built for your learning challenges

Platform for Learners

Intuitive UX helps your learners focus on the content and easily engage reducing time spent on redundant tasks.

Boost Engagement

Short multimedia modules to complete learning Journeys give your learners a fresh approach to learning that encourages engagement.

Real-time Reporting

Extensive tracking and reporting features help you make data-driven decisions, saving 100s of hours for managers.

Scale with your Learners

Adjust to the busy seasons with automated onboarding and completion reminders for new users.

Automated Workflows

Build automated workflows triggered by specific actions like new user sign ups, workshop registrations and much more.

Measure Progress

Pinpoint and close skill gaps with effective data on training and learner progress. Ditch repetitive training and edit your courses with user feedback.

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Customer service teams love Continu

Meghan, Senior Executive
“I've had such a smooth learning experience with assigned courses and training. I would highly recommend Continu to any business."
Jose, Specialist
“As we are scaling and growing as an organization, the Continu program has been the perfect partner for all of our needs.”
Lisa, Learning Specialist

Why choose Continu as your next learning platform?


Higher Engagement Rate
Customers see 92% average engagement rate compared to the industry standard of 11%

Industry average 86%


Our platform is localized in more than 90 languages

Industry average <40%


Higher Completion Rate
Customers see a 90% course completion rate compared to industry averages of 40%

Industry average 79%


Average Hours Saved

Industry average 84%

The average customers save over 40,000 hours per year using Continu.