Combat high turnover with top-tier training

Equip your employees and vendors with a modern learning platform designed to increase employee retention in hospitality and boost job satisfaction.

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Set a new standard in hospitality training with Continu

From improving staff onboarding to enhancing customer service training, Continu helps you overcome your most pressing learning and development challenges, so you can focus on creating better guest experiences. Streamline compliance and safeguard data security, all within one platform.

Benefits of Continu for the hospitality industry

Provide Ongoing Training

Reduce high turnover by adapting to consumer trends through seamless content creation and sharing.

Scale Vendor Training

Quickly onboard vendors with tailored training on your brand and policies.

Deliver Blended Learning

Offer in-person and online training that focuses on guest relations, food & beverage service, and hygiene.

Boost Employee Engagement

Utilize interactive modules to keep your workforce engaged and motivated.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Train staff in customer service best practices for consistently positive guest experiences.

Maximize Training ROI

Track the effectiveness of training programs to ensure a high return on investment.

Streamline Compliance Tracking

Easily manage and monitor compliance statuses and certifications.

Accelerate Skill Development

Offer courses that help employees expand both technical and soft skills.

Improve Team Collaboration

Use group assignments and forums to encourage shared learning experiences.

Enable On-Demand Training

Allow flexible learning schedules with anytime, anywhere access to training materials.

Hospitality teams love Continu

I don't have to spend time notifying users, and escalation to managers which saves a lot of time."

Meghan, Senior Executive

“I've had such a smooth learning experience with assigned courses and training. I would highly recommend Continu to any business."

Jose, Specialist

“As we are scaling and growing as an organization, the Continu program has been the perfect partner for all of our needs.”

Lisa, Learning Specialist

Continu: Tailored for hospitality excellence

Intuitive Cloud-Based UX

Engage learners effortlessly on our cloud-based LMS platform.

Interactive Microlearning Tracks

Short, engaging content boosts employee engagement and learning outcomes.

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time reporting analytics for quick, data-driven decisions.

Virtual Classrooms

Foster team collaboration through virtual classrooms and social learning.

Scalable for Learners

Adjust to the busy seasons with automated onboarding and completion reminders.

Mobile Learning & On-Demand Training

Access self-paced learning anywhere with mobile learning features.

Automated Workflows

Build automated workflows triggered by new users, workshop registrations & more.

Why hospitality organizations use our LMS

Higher Engagement Rate
Higher Completion Rate
Average Hours Saved

Frequently asked questions

What makes Continu's LMS uniquely suited for the hospitality sector?

Continu's LMS is a game-changer in the hospitality industry for several reasons. Renowned for its user-friendliness, as verified by platforms like G2, our platform is specifically designed to combat challenges like high turnover and customer satisfaction. This has earned us high praise among hospitality professionals.

Hotel and restaurant administrators value the simplicity of course creation and real-time updates, which saves time and reduces onboarding hiccups. Our cloud-based, all-in-one platform excels at both internal skill development and compliance tracking tailored to the hospitality sector's unique needs. Additionally, Continu offers mobile learning and on-demand training features, elevating employee engagement and enhancing guest experiences.

Who is Continu ideal for?

Continu is ideal for high-growth companies and enterprise teams with more than 500+ employees. Our LMS is versatile and adaptable, making it ideal for any company aiming to upskill their workforce, reduce new hire onboarding time, and streamline training and development initiatives.

Why choose Continu over other Learning Management System platforms?

Continu was built by experienced learning and development consultants who recognized the pitfalls of legacy training tools. These tools were often clunky, overly complex and the source of much user frustration.

Choosing Continu sets you apart with a combination of user-friendly design, robust features, and exceptional customer support. Continuously rated a leader in the LMS category on software review sites like G2, the platform’s success with users and admins across all industries speaks for itself. Additionally, our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement ensures you're always ahead in the rapidly evolving field of learning and development.

Is my content secure on your platform?

Absolutely. Your content is protected through robust encryption and access controls. We adhere to industry best practices to ensure your data remains confidential and secure.

Additionally, our platform complies with data protection regulations, providing you with peace of mind as you create, store, and manage your valuable training content. Learn more about Continu’s security approach here.

Do you provide any support?

Yes! Our award-winning customer success and support teams work closely with you as partners to provide preventative care, guided onboarding programs and offer unlimited access to our knowledge base.