Quality care starts with quality learning

Continu is an all-in-one modern learning platform that helps healthcare providers minimize risk, meet compliance standards, and most importantly, improve patient safety.

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Navigate the complexity of healthcare training

In an industry marked by high turnover and strict regulations, Continu helps you deliver scalable, standardized training. Efficiently onboard medical staff, reduce costs, and empower your team to consistently excel in patient care.

Benefits of Continu for the healthcare industry

Secure Data Storage

Safeguard sensitive patient and employee information with robust enterprise-level security protocols.

Role-Based Access Controls

Tailor access levels to ensure team members see only the content relevant to their roles.

Clinical Scenario-Based Learning

Immerse your team in clinical scenarios to improve decision-making and patient outcomes.

Mobile Learning for On-Call Professionals

Make education accessible anywhere, any time with our mobile learning features.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Monitor team progress in real-time, making it easier to identify learning gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Adapt to the Digital Healthcare Revolution

Equip your teams with the latest in research, best practices, and regulations to ensure they stay informed and supported.

Automate Training Workflows

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements by automatically assigning certification paths for your learners.

Close Skill Gaps

Utilize detailed analytics to identify learner needs, refining training resources for optimal outcomes.

Compliance Simplified

Create and deliver effective compliance training to get your frontline workers on the same page with new policies.

Tailored Learning

Assign learning tracks and courses to individual users based on location, departments or custom variables.

The healthcare industry loves Continu

The review exercises are fun and they truly make sure the user comprehends the material."

Paul, Laboratory Services Specialist

“Great way to continue education and complete compliance tasks.”

Aarika, Virtual Medical Provider

“Navigating through the options and being able to quickly and efficiently edit and add content is so accessible.”

Amanda, Clinical Systems Coordinator


Continu: Tailored for healthcare training

Skill Assessment

Assess healthcare staff with customized tests that align with industry standards.

Certification Tracking

Track certifications and renewals in real-time.

Blended Learning

Merge classroom and virtual training for holistic learning.

Interactive Modules

Reinforce crucial healthcare with hands-on learning, such as simulations and quizzes.

Build Journeys

Create seamless learning pathways to motivate learners.

Peer Collaboration Tools

Foster teamwork and shared learning experiences.

Soft Skills Training

Boost patient care through focused communication and empathy training.

Multi-Language Support

Serve global financial teams with diverse language preferences.

Why healthcare organizations use our LMS

Higher Engagement Rate
Higher Completion Rate
Average Hours Saved

Frequently asked questions

What makes Continu's LMS uniquely suited for the healthcare industry?

Continu's LMS stands out in the healthcare industry for numerous reasons. Recognized as the top user-friendly LMS by reputable platforms like G2, we focus on providing a seamless educational journey, crucial for maintaining consistent patient care standards; a reflection of our high learner satisfaction. 

Administrators benefit from rapid content creation and updates, freeing up valuable time in an industry where every second counts. Our versatile all-in-one platform caters to both inhouse and extended medical staff training, covering a variety of healthcare-specific needs. Additionally, Continu embraces a modern approach with intuitive designs, robust dashboards, and integrated features, ensuring heightened learning engagement.

Who is Continu ideal for?

Continu is ideal for high-growth and enterprise teams training both, internally and externally. Our LMS is versatile and adaptable, making it ideal for any organization aiming to upskill their workforce, reduce new hire onboarding time, and streamline training and development initiatives.

Why choose Continu over other Learning Management System platforms?

Continu was built by experienced learning and development consultants who recognized the pitfalls of legacy training tools. These tools were often clunky, overly complex and the source of much user frustration. Choosing Continu sets you apart with a combination of user-friendly design, robust features, and exceptional customer support. Continuously rated a leader in the LMS category on software review sites like G2, the platform’s success with users and admins across all industries speaks for itself. 

Additionally, our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement ensures you're always ahead in the rapidly evolving field of learning and development.

Is my content secure on your platform?

Absolutely. Your content is protected through robust encryption and access controls. We adhere to industry best practices to ensure your data remains confidential and secure. Additionally, our platform complies with data protection regulations, providing you with peace of mind as you create, store, and manage your valuable training content.

Learn more about Continu’s security approach here.

Do you provide any support?

Yes! Our award-winning customer success and support teams work closely with you as partners to provide preventative care, guided onboarding programs and unlimited access to our knowledge base. 

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