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9 Powerful LMS Integrations for Streamlined Learning

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March 14, 2024

Explore 9 LMS integrations that enhance learning: seamlessly connect tools, automate processes, and create a unified, efficient training ecosystem.

Choosing an LMS

Most organizations take employee training and development very seriously, as they should. Training your entire organization can be difficult with a legacy learning platform, especially if it doesn’t allow for the connection of LMS integrations.

The ability to expand your employee’s skills, knowledge, and competencies using a cloud-based learning management system is a major advantage for businesses.

Now, with popular online tools creating safe, secure, and convenient integrations for your learning management system, training your employees becomes much more streamlined.

What is an LMS integration?

LMS integration connects a Learning Management System with other tools, streamlining workflows and enhancing learning experiences. It enables efficient learning program administration and creates a cohesive ecosystem by linking with HR systems, content libraries, and collaboration tools.

There are various applications that can connect to learning management systems, and each of them serves a specific purpose, with categories such as:

  • eLearning content management
  • Secure sign-on (SSO)
  • Communication
  • File storage, sharing, and management
  • Learning data and analytics
  • Human resource management

Let’s jump into the list of LMS integrations that can amplify your learning platform.

LMS integrations that streamline enterprise learning

LMS integrations are becoming a standard when choosing a learning platform. Being able to connect all (or most) of your organization's tools together will provide a better experience for learners and an easier time for administrators.

Here are 9 of the best LMS integrations your team needs for streamlined remote learning:

  1. Slack - Workplace Communication
  2. Zoom - Virtual Training
  3. Google SSO - Secure Login
  4. Google Calendar - Training Schedule
  5. Google Analytics - Learner Behavior
  6. Google Drive - Learning Resource Management
  7. Salesforce - Learning Data
  8. OpenSesame - Learning Content
  9. Workday - Human Resource Management

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1. Slack - Communication

Slack is one of the best team communication tools in the world. It allows organizations to easily chat, share, collaborate, and work together no matter where they are. Plus, Slack’s software integrates with a ton of other tools and is known for its powerful API.

When it comes to an LMS integration, the Continu + Slack integration enables L&D professionals, HR members, and instructors to:

  • Receive customized notifications that track every part of the learner’s journey
  • Provide timely check-in reminders for learners based on their progress
  • Search for Continu courses and content right within Slack

In fact, Slack uses Continu to power its global workforce’s remote training and development through its “just-in-time” learning initiative.

Check out how Slack used Continu to scale its global learning and development.

Slack + Continu case study

2. Zoom - Virtual Training

No matter the size of your company, Zoom is a popular tool for organizations to host team meetings, interviews, one-on-one chats, video conferencing, and much more…But, it’s also a great software for virtual training

How Zoom connects to an LMS is by allowing organizations to create virtual instructor-led training sessions, webinars, or workshops. Zoom can turn your traditional onsite training into a virtual classroom with the click of a button.

Continu integrates with Zoom to provide admins with features such as:

  • Converting in-person training events into a virtual workshop
  • Automatic attendance tracking
  • Capture records of training sessions
  • Create multi-session workshops with cohorts
  • View registration, invitations, and Google Calendar reminders

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3. Google SSO - Secure Login

Google’s known for making things easy and playing well with others. We’ve all seen and used that “Sign in with Google” button, and it's there for a reason. It enables developers to use a Google email to create a session within the application, negating the need for sending or receiving data from the database. This creates a secure login that poses no security risks.

The Continu + Google SSO integration enables Continu users to safely log into the learning platform with the click of a button. Coupling this with an organization's already existing Google Workspace account, makes this a very intuitive integration that makes user login secure.

LMS SSO integrations to consider

Ensuring your employees and external users are logging in to your LMS safely and securely is a priority when it comes to data protection. Enabling a trusted SSO integration will create a safer environment for your employees and organization.

Here are a few other SSO applications that integrate with an LMS:

4. Google Calendar - Training Schedule

Almost everyone knows what Google Calendar is. The ability for other applications to seamlessly integrate with GCal makes this email provider a top choice for most organizations. It’s a powerful tool not only for email but for their entire Google Workspace account. You get access to a variety of Google applications like Sheets, Docs, Slides, and much more…

When it comes to an LMS integration, Google Calendar is a great way to create, schedule, and manage training events in a single location. It shows the attendance of workshops, webinars, or virtual instructor-led training sessions and notifies attendees when the events will start or if anything’s been changed.

The Continu + Google Calendar integration helps admins and instructors save time scheduling and managing training sessions, along with:

  • Sending Workshop invitations from Continu to GCal
  • Manage registration and attendance in real-time
  • Update training events automatically
  • Two-way calendar sync to view schedules in Continu

5. Google Analytics - Learner Behavior

Another product from Google that integrates with an LMS is Google Analytics. A web analytics app that tracks and reports on website data, such as pageviews, average time-on-page, bounce rate, goal, and event tracking.

This is a very useful tool to use when measuring the effectiveness of your training materials and courses as a whole. Google Analytics doesn’t have to be strictly for marketing or eCommerce use, an online learning platform can take advantage of it as well.

In fact, the Continu + Google Analytics integration provides your instructors with valuable insights into how your learners are interacting with your online training programs. This LMS integration provides L&D professionals with solutions such as:

  • Understand granular learning behavior around training resources
  • Uncover opportunities to improve your training program design
  • Track progress and learner interactions within Learning Tracks, Workshops, or content
  • Report on actionable insights to streamline the remote learning audit process

6. Google Drive - Learning Resource Management

Lastly, Google’s Workspace collection is Google Drive. It’s a fantastic app for uploading, downloading, organizing, consolidating, and sharing resources for your team and external users. 

Since most organizations have a Google Workspace account to host their email and remote work collaboration, it’s a no-brainer to use this as an LMS integration.

The Continu + Google Drive integration makes it super easy to import Google Slides, Sheets, Docs, and other files into Continu with a single click. For learning and development purposes our integration improves productivity by:

  • Upload and embed Google Drive files straight into training programs
  • Share files securely within Continu
  • Consolidate your learning materials within a single location

Third-party LMS integrations for media hosting

Besides Google Drive, there are various other useful LMS integrations for managing, importing, uploading, and hosting media files for employee learning, such as:

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7. Salesforce - Learning Data

Salesforce is a CRM leader focused on sales, marketing, IT, and commerce-related business revenue. Their world-class sales software provides users with the ability to track deal progress, profits, spending, and much more within a single platform. Besides the software is top-notch, Salesforce can integrate with almost any other popular business tool.

In terms of integrating with a learning management system, the Continu + Salesforce integration enables your organization to visualize learning data from Continu directly within Salesforce. Administrators will also be able to:

  • View relevant sales training information from Continu about your sales and success teams
  • Receive up-to-date analytics from your training programs and assessments
  • Gain access to the Continu Salesforce Dashboard alongside your other Salesforce dashboards

8. OpenSesame - Learning Content

OpenSesame is an online marketplace for buying or selling high-quality eLearning courses and SCORM content. Their learning content library contains full courses relating to improving business skills, compliance training, diversity, and technology, making it a valuable resource for instructors.

OpenSesame is known for being able to integrate with any LMS and does so seamlessly with Continu. In fact, the Continu + OpenSesame integration provides 25 free OpenSesame Plus courses (for the first year) to users of both Continu and OpenSesame.

Besides free courses, the integration lets users import and track content from OpenSesame to Continu with ease.

Notable LMS integrations for external learning content

There are a number of learning content providers that integrate well with an LMS, but the ones that stand out most are:

9. Workday - Human Resource Management

Workday is a Human Resource Management (HRM) tool that enables organizations to not only manage or track their workforce but also analyze their skills and capabilities. Workday provides an all-in-one package to manage your organization’s:

  • Payroll
  • Time-tracking
  • HR
  • Recruiting
  • Talent
  • Benefits
  • Big Data (Big Picture™)

An HRM/HCM tool like Workday is a solid LMS integration to couple organizational learning and development with HR management. In fact, the Continu + Workday integration makes it simple for organizations to:

  • Centralize employee information between Workday and Continu
  • Manage and distribute access in real-time
  • Utilize employee information to drive learning initiatives

Other popular HRIS/HRM LMS integrations

Choose a platform that supports LMS integrations

If your organization currently has an LMS that doesn’t connect to these powerful LMS integrations, it’s time for a change. Legacy learning platforms are clunky, outdated, and inefficient making it harder for your team members to streamline or automate tasks.

Luckily Continu is a modern learning platform built for enterprise organizations that connect to all of the LMS integrations on this list (with more being added soon). Swap out your old LMS and choose a learning solution designed to:

  • Ramp up new hires quickly and effectively
  • Automate HR onboarding processes
  • Connect with your team to provide meaningful learning
  • Centralize all of your corporate information in a single tool
  • Track and measure employee training progress
  • Push and pull data from your other business tools
  • Invite, assign, and assess your employee's skills

Plus much more!

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