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The 5 Most Impactful LMS Benefits for Businesses

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Explore the top 5 transformative benefits of an LMS, highlighting how businesses can leverage these advantages to foster growth, efficiency, and employee engagement.

Choosing an LMS

A cutting-edge, top-of-the-line learning management system (LMS) represents such incredible value to just about every company. If the LMS is implemented correctly, it enables companies to not only get 100% from each and every employee but to increase each employee’s performance ceiling.

We all recognize the value of a good LMS as a vehicle for efficient and effective employee development, but here are several LMS benefits that can help a business improve overall and start beating out its competition.

Here are the five most impactful benefits that a learning management system can bring to any organization:

1. Accelerates employee development and growth

As a supervisor, you’d like to see even the most experienced and well-qualified hires improve over time. Offering your employees the resources and opportunities necessary to consistently engage in on-the-job learning will not only help build a more skilled and competent workforce but will also demonstrate to your employees that you are invested in their success and professional development.

Fostering employee growth benefits a company not only as a means to increase human capital but as a morale-boosting motivational mechanism as well.

In order to harness this dual benefit, companies must ensure that employees receive the right training materials at the right time.

Learning modules should be highly customizable so as to provide each employee with resources tailored to his or her needs, and Continu’s Learning Tracks feature makes it easy for companies to create multiple unique, interactive, and engaging courses in a matter of minutes.

Further, assignment distributions are made easy by our Workflow automation function. Supervisors no longer need to worry about juggling dozens or even hundreds of employees’ progress, as our platform’s automation capabilities mean that each employee will receive the materials he or she needs at just the right moment.

2. Automates training and onboarding

According to Michael Mankins, a partner at Bain & Company: "The average business loses around a quarter of its productive capacity to processes written into its organizational bureaucracy".

As such, companies have the opportunity to significantly improve their workforce’s productivity simply by unleashing the potential lost to “organizational drag".

But what is the most effective way to approach minimizing organizational drag? For starters, it’s helpful to emphasize the importance of employee autonomy, which is made much easier with a modern LMS.

Continu provides organizations with the features and solutions they need to create autonomy for employees and managers. Improve your organization's learning, training, and development with features such as:

  • Easy-to-use workflows to automate processes
  • Powerful eLearning authoring tools
  • Create entire training courses in one platform
  • Provide learning or training resources to anyone at any time
  • Track training progress and attendance
  • Generate detailed reports on training initiatives

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3. Improves engagement and retention

Beyond ensuring that employees have access to learning modules that are highly customized, tailored to their needs, interactive, and engaging, companies should consider using their LMS to help create workplace conditions that are amenable to learning.

A modern LMS comes with the capabilities to drive learner engagement and increase the information they retain after training, this is done through:

At Continu, we’ve developed an intimate, interactive company registry that, through dynamic and searchable profiles, functions more as an intra-company networking community than an ordinary corporate directory.

Our People Search and Skill Search options enable employees to connect with each other across locales and departments, increasing the opportunities for informal mentorship, thought leadership, and meaningful cross-expertise engagement. All of these go a long way toward guaranteeing not only that our LMS is optimally utilized, but that a company is able to craft and maintain a cohesive culture.

4. Establishes a sense of purpose for employees

Generally speaking, an understanding of why we’re doing what we’re doing undergirds our willingness to march on. Having a clear purpose at work helps employees recognize that all of their efforts, all of their hard work, are contributing to something greater.

While fair wages and a supportive workplace are certainly key components of a happy and productive workforce, a defined sense of purpose is just as important.

Simply put, most people who are already a plurality of the American workforce strive to find some sort of meaning in their job. As such, companies hoping to attract top talent must not only be able to articulate a clear, ambitious corporate vision, but they must also be prepared to elucidate precisely how they hope each particular employee will contribute to the organization’s overarching mission.

Like with learning itself, the purpose is most powerful when encoded in a company’s workplace culture.

Fortunately, a modern learning platform can be used to distribute an in-depth, interactive company “manifesto” that not only reinforces the leader’s mission and values, but also clarifies where the company is, where it wants to go, and how each employee will have a part in getting there.

5. Unifies company culture

It’s no secret that company culture can be a challenging beast. Hiring practices focusing not only on skill and experience but on compatibility and fit are a requisite first step in preserving a corporate ethos, but successfully integrating new employees into your company requires an ongoing effort. Even if a new hire is an expert in his or her field, he or she is not automatically an expert in the way your company does business.

Especially in circumstances where a company operates multiple offices or contracts remote employees, LMS-based onboarding (as well as continuing on-the-job blended learning) is often the best way to provide employees with support, forge a strong bond between supervisor and supervisee, and welcome an employee into their team.

An LMS can’t determine your company culture for you, but in a fast-paced, hyper-growth environment, it can be the only way to make sure that everyone remains on the same page.

An LMS is for more than just creating courses

A company that offers its employees autonomy, and an opportunity for improvement, recognition, and purpose will ultimately develop a workforce that is more engaged, more motivated, and more productive than its competitors. An LMS is a great way to make strides in the right direction.

With the ever-increasing speed at which business takes place, companies are finding less and less time to onboard employees and expand their skill sets once they settle into their daily routines.

E-learning platforms offer an elegant solution to this time crunch and ensure that companies don’t have to choose between workforce productivity and meeting their daily business obligations.

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