Continu x iorad: Build Interactive Tutorials for Better Learning

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January 26, 2024

iorad is an interactive tutorial builder that helps users generate and capture any kind of how-to content.

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Today, we're super excited to announce our partnership with iorad to help users further their learning experience within Continu.

iorad is an interactive tutorial builder that helps users generate and capture any kind of how-to content. With its integration with Continu, admins can now easily create tutorials for a variety of use cases.

What does iorad do?

iorad was built to streamline task training by enabling users to generate step-by-step tutorials with ease. Simply click 'capture' and then proceed to complete your actions as you would online while iorad automatically generates your tutorial.

With iorad for Continu, users can quickly create tutorials and embed them within a course for a seamless user experience.

  • Create with efficiency: iorad helps users save time by creating tutorials in a variety of different formats like video, step-list, quiz, and much more.
  • Simplify sharing and measuring results: By leveraging Continu and iorad you can embed tutorials directly into your workflows and measure the impact on your learners over time.

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Using iorad with Continu

iorad enables users to create tutorials in a simulated environment, which can be embedded in an iFrame. It also allows users to generate content in various formats, including mp4. 

Voiceover capabilities allow admins to record their voice over each step of the tutorial. Admins can also add a text description, which uses Google and language translation capabilities to automatically add voiceover. 

Tutorials built with iorad can be revisited several times over, and admins will have access to in-depth analytics on how the tutorial is currently being used.

Interactive capabilities are a proven way to increase learner engagement. Sometimes showing really is better than telling! Learn more about the iorad integration with Continu. Connect with us today!

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