Continu Workshops: What You Love Deserves Its Own Home

To help teams prioritize engagement and distribution, we have launched Continu Workshops. An all new way for you and your teams to attend, experience and complete workshops. 

Now, Workshops can be found in a dedicated section.

Continu Workshops are designed to help facilitators make content easily searchable, reach more learners and promote workshops to help boost engagement and attendance. 

What’s included?

Dedicated Workshops Area: Previously, you would find workshops within a separate section. Now, that has changed. You can easily access Workshops from your Left Navigation, helping facilitators, admins and creators to always have visibility of their favorite feature.

Advanced Search Capabilities:
Continu Workshops allow users to have a datel view where learners can search by location, keywords and/or tags.

But that’s not all.

Learners can also refine their search further with filters like most popular, recently added and availability.

Global Workshops Calendar:
Continu Workshops come with a global calendar, making it easy for learners to pick and choose workshops for specific dates.

Benefits as a Continu User

Workshop updates are designed keeping the learner in mind. Our data suggests that with the new updates, learners will get an improved learning experience encouraging engagement. Moreover, Workshops will now be presented in a date order helping discoverability easy. 

Get Access to Continu Workshops

If you currently don’t have workshops available to you in your Continu account, please reach out to your customer success manager to learn more about Continu Workshops. 

Continu Workshops are available to all customers with Workshops enabled.

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