Journeys: The Future of Tailored Learning

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October 3, 2023

Continu's Journeys feature helps admins created personalized learning paths for users to blend multiple media types, keep learners focused, and engaged.

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Learning is an ongoing process. It is a 'journey' learners and companies take to adapt, upskill, and grow.

Today, more than ever, Continu users seek ways to redefine learning and future-proof their teams, customers and partners.

Based on our core value – #alwayslearning – we are excited to take another step forward in enabling you to get to the next level.

Introducing: Journeys.

Journeys is a new way for Continu admins to create tailored learning plans for users, providing greater insights and visibility. 

Journeys also help keep learners focused on the end goal while incorporating all types of training modules and courses. 

For Admins

With Continu Journeys, admins can seamlessly structure extensive course offerings while focusing on their training objectives. Continu Journeys help admins lay the foundation and build a path from scratch for learners. As part of the overall process, admins will receive greater visibility into a learner’s journey to make data-driven decisions.

Continu Journeys will also eliminate redundant tasks for admins. For example, Continu admins will no longer be required to manage granular follow-ups with learners. 

For Learners

Continu Journeys is designed to help learners visualize all their learning objectives ahead of completion – allowing learners to prepare and manage their time better, making learning a part of their daily schedule.

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Using Continu Journeys

Although Continu Journeys is built to help with any use case and extend the benefits of Continu. Here is a quick example of an onboarding Journey within Continu: 

Amanda is an HR executive and has recently identified the need for a clear onboarding process for all new hires. Amanda and her team are looking to expedite their onboarding process using training material essential for all new hires. 

As a result, Amanda has curated a set of training materials that will help all new hires get onboarded step by step. This includes live training, compliance documents, internal policies, articles, videos and much more.

Within Continu, Amanda has set up all learning material as a Journey for her team. 

Upon completing the entire onboarding Journey, all new hires have successfully onboarded and Amanda received granular insights.

Continu customers can use Journeys to train their customers, partners, and to upskill their teams for ongoing training. 

Journeys is now available to all users.

Reach out to your customer success manager to learn more and set up your first Journey in Continu!

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