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Top Chief Learning Officer Conferences of 2019

If you have recently become a Chief Learning Officer or are looking to expand your skills, attending a chief learning officer conference is a great way to master the latest industry trends. As you may know newer generations like millennials value learning higher than other company benefits. Plus, empowered employees with the necessary tools to do their jobs successfully are more willing to stay and grow with your organization than looking for a new job. So attending and strengthening your skill set as a Chief Learning Officer is key to your success and that of your employees and company.

To help, we’ve pulled together the best and most comprehensive learning and development conferences of 2019. Here is a snapshot of each so you can decide which conferences are the right ones for you to attend.

Yearly conferences

Chief Learning Officer Breakfast Club

Dates: May 8, 2019 Location: Chicago, IL Cost: $49.95

Conference highlights

The Chief Learning Officer Breakfast Club is a series that happens all year long in different cities across the U.S. When you attend, the format will be a mixture of discussions, lectures, and peer to peer networking time.

Attending this Chief Learning Officer conference will arm you with the skills to create faster and smarter employees. Since new innovations and technologies happen daily, this conference will get you up to speed on what these are. Plus, you will learn new ways to retool, reinvent, and improve your current learning and development program. And you’ll walk away with new techniques to transform employee development.

Notable conference speakers

Alison O’Malley, Betterup; Allen Partridge, Adobe; Ashley St. John, Human Capital Media; Jon Kaplan, Discover Financial Services, Mike Prokopeak, Chief Learning Officer Magazine; Nicole Hajdrowski, US Foods, and Skip Marshall, DXC Technologies

ATD International Conference and Expo

Dates: May 19-22 Location: Washington D.C. Cost: $2,200 for non-members

Conference highlights

The ATD International Conference & Exposition is the biggest yearly conference for talent development professionals worldwide. However, it is also a great Chief Learning Officer conference since you’ll learn the latest strategies, and solutions to effectively train and develop talent. Plus get insights into best practices and new solutions for designing, delivering, implementing, and measuring your learning programs and initiatives.

This year’s agenda will focus on pre conference learning as well. These will be workshops and certification programs for your individual development. During the conference there will be general sessions featuring keynote speakers to inspire, motive, and give you insight into the latest learning initiatives. If you are looking for specific workshops, this conference offers more than 300 on 12 different content tracks. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to network with your peers and also see the latest in learning tools at the expo featuring more than 400 exhibitors.

Notable conference speakers

This year’s conference features three keynote speakers. Oprah Winfrey, Seth Godin, best selling author and speaker, and Eric Whitacre, Grammy-winning composer and conductor. There will also be several other notable speakers presenting throughout the conference.

Chief Learning Officers and Influencers Forum, Spring

Dates: June 11-13, 2019 Location: Phoenix, AZ Cost: $1,199

Conference highlights

The CLOI Forum is a yearly conference that focuses on learning and development for senior decision-makers in corporate learning. Join industry peers for three days of keynotes speakers, in-depth presentations, and discussion groups giving you real-life takeaways to apply at your company.

This conference will be a mixture of workshops like “learning and development’s role in digital transformation,” panel discussions like “time to transform: how is digital transformation affecting l&d,” keynote presentations, and networking time.

Notable conference speakers

Kevin M. Yates, Learning Technology Manager, McDonalds; Rupalli Thacker, Global Learning Products and Programs Leader, Amazon; Jeanne Tari, Global Head of Education Programs, Facebook, and many more.

Training Industry Conference & Expo

Dates: June 17-19, 2019 Location: Raleigh, NC Cost: $1,495

Conference highlights

Unlike other learning and development conferences, this one is focused solely on building effective leaders of corporate learning so it’s ideal for chief learning officers. The Training and Development Conference (TICE) is held annually and is a great chance to network and learn from industry experts. And if you are looking for credit hours, TICE will fulfill 14 PDCs for the SHRM-SCP and 24 CPTM recertification credit hours.The format for this year’s agenda kicks off with two pre-show workshops on internal consulting and strategic planning. Then the conference consists of keynote speakers, time to check out the exhibit hall, workshops, and networking with peers.

Notable conference speakers

Whitney Mortimer, IDEO; Scott Hartley, best-selling author and venture capitalist; and Erica Javellana,

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CLO Exchange

Dates: August 18-20, 2019 Location: Chicago, IL Cost: Contact for details

Conference highlights

The CLO Exchange is a yearly conference that is invitation only. The format is face to face meetings with pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision makers. There will also be conference sessions, panel discussions, executive roundtables, and peer to peer networking time.The agenda for this Chief Learning Officer conference consists of thought-leaders from around the world at top corporations who will explain how you and your teams can support and develop your organization's learning culture in the ever-evolving digital age.

Notable conference speakers

Some of the keynote speakers include Debbie Wooldridge, CEO/Founder ttcInnovations; Iris Ware Dr., Chief Learning Officer City of Detroit; Scott Hammerl, Director of Learning & COE Hilton Hotels Worldwide; Damian Hanft, Vice President, Training Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc., and Stephen Russell, Senior Director, Learning & Development MAXIMUS

HCI Learning & Leadership Development Conference

Dates: September 10-12, 2019 Location: Boston, MA Cost: $1,995

Conference highlights

This yearly conference highlights leadership, learning and innovation from a soft skills angle.  Panelists will discuss the growth mindset culture for creating a change-ready organization ready to learn, grow, gather feedback, and then adapt to improve.

Notable conference speakers

One of the keynote speakers of this chief learning officer conference is David Rock, Ph D., CEO and Founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute. He will be discussing the topic: The Neuroscience Behind Growth Mindset in Leadership and Organizational Development.

Chief Learning Officer Symposium Fall 2019

Dates: October 14-16, 2019 Location: Chicago, IL Cost: $1,495

Conference highlights

The CLO Symposium is a bi-annual conference put on by Chief Learning Officer magazine, CLO Exchange, CLO Summit, CLO Forum and the Chief Learning Officer and Influencers Forum. This conference has been taking place for 15 years and is considered a must attend for corporate learning. The conference format is some lecture style discussions as well as networking events over breakfast, lunch and snack breaks. There will also be an industry awards ceremony for winners who have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs.

By attending this CLO conference, you will collaborate with other learning, training, and development professionals. You will learn what challenges your peers have faced and what goals they have achieved. Plus, industry experts will give you practical applications to take back to your organization and apply.

Notable conference speakers

Mike Prokopeak, Editor in Chief; Chief Learning Officer, Priya Parker, Author, The Art of Gathering, and Leland Melvin, engineer, educator, former NASA astronaut and NFL wide receiver.


Dates: October 23-25, 2019 Location: Las Vegas, NV Cost: $1,895

Conference highlights

DevLearn is a yearly conference that provides a great chief learning officer conference to look at what’s new and what’s on the horizon for the learning and development industry. Plus, DevLearn is customizable with over 200 breakout sessions on topics like mobile, video and media, games and gamification, development, and tools. And during these breakout sessions if you bring your own device like a laptop you will have the opportunity to download the software being discussed and follow along as the instructors teach you how to use it. There will also be several pre-conference workshops with industry experts.

The other highlight of this conference is the expo portion. Walk around this tradeshow area and learn what top companies are offering in terms of new tools, technologies, and services. And another unique aspect of this conference is DemoFest. DevLearn describes this as a science fair showcasing eLearning examples from conference attendees. This is also a great opportunity to network with other conference attendees while moving from table to table.

Notable conference speakers

Talithia Williams, Big Data Expert and Professor, will be discussing the topic using data to inform and learn; Helen Papagiannis, Author of Augmented Human, will be discussing the topic augmented human: how technology is shaping the new reality; and Kate O'Neill, Author of Tech Humanist, will be discussing Tech Humanism: Shaping the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences. Finally, there will be a mystery guest speaker. Conference attendees are encouraged to follow the conference on Twitter and read clues. Then, you can comment and guess using hashtag, #DevLearnGuessWho. Whoever guesses correctly will win one additional free conference fee.

Chief Learning Officer Forum, Fall

Dates: November 12-14, 2019 Location: Boston, MA Cost: $499 - $1,499

Conference highlights

This conference is a bi-annual conference put together by Corinium. The conference is intended for senior decision-makers in corporate learning like Chief Learning Officers, Heads of Learning and Development, Vice Presidents of Employee Engagement, and Chief People Officers, Organizational Development and Leadership executives.This chief learning officer conference is broken into four main components. There will be a pre-conference workshop focusing on learning and development in the digital age. You will learn how to utilize many of the technologies employees use at home for the office. The next phase will be case study keynote presentations. These are 30-minute presentations by leading learning and development executives on their experiences and how they have been successful within their own companies. Next, there will discussion groups that are moderated featuring a panel of industry experts on a specific topic. Finally, this chief learning officer conference will have interactive roundtable discussions where problems can be brought to the group and solutions can be given through peer to peer feedback.

Notable conference speakers

Some of the speakers this year include Eric Gaffen, Global Talent Acquisition, Onboarding and Employee Branding, ERT;  Sonali Satpathy, Lead Diversity & Inclusion, Schneider Electric; Eric Harper, Vice President Talent and Learning, BSN Sports; Azi Fathi, Director of Training, Marketing, Learning and Development, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

New conferences for 2019

TechLearn Conference 2019

Dates: September 17-19,2019 Location: New Orleans, LA Cost: $1,495

Conference highlights

TechLearn Conference 2019 was formally the Online Learning Conference put on by Training Magazine and Lakewood Media Group. This year is it being rebranded and revamped. This is a great conference to attend for a Chief Learning Officer because it focuses on the latest trends in learning like mobile learning, augmented reality, virtual classrooms, adaptive learning, and more. Plus, you can gain pre-conference certifications led by industry experts offering additional training on a deeper level.

Other key aspects of this chief learning officer conference include interactive general sessions led by industry speakers on topics like innovation, responsiveness, competency, and improved performance. Plus, there are also eight breakout sessions including TechLearn Demo Room where you can touch and explore the latest learning technologies. Then there will be special events throughout the conference which allow time for peer to peer networking. For individual feedback, TechLearn offers a Trainer Feedback Corner where you’ll get personalized feedback in 30-minute sessions from industry experts.

Notable conference speakers

Michael Allen, eLearning Industry Pioneer; TechLearn 2019's Chief Learning Evangelist; Ulrik Juul Christensen, Leading Expert in Adaptive Learning Technologies; Phylise BannerLearning Experience Design Expert; Diane Elkins Author, E-Learning Uncovered Book Series; Anders Ericsson Author of Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise; and more.

What Chief Learning Officer conference will you attend in 2019?

More and more companies are putting increased emphasis on company learning and development. Stay up-to-date on where the industry is headed and what new technologies have emerged. That’s why we’ve given you some of the best learning and development conferences for the year.

However, we know there are other great events happening in 2019 so if there is a different event you would recommend, please let us know what it is.

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