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4 Unexpected Ways to Drive Employee Engagement with an LMS

Employee engagement has been a focal point of most organizations as they transition from in-person to remote work. Ensuring your employees not only participate in assigned training, exercises, workshops, and other developmental activities, but actively engage has been a difficult task for L&D professionals.

When providing remote employees the opportunities to expand their knowledge, improve existing skills, or learn new skills, engagement is an important learning objective.

It's one thing for employees to partake in these training and development initiatives but another to have them actually enjoy them.

However, with a modern learning platform like Continu, admins will have valuable features and solutions at their disposal to skyrocket employee engagement, such as:

  • Create interactive, fun, informative, and engaging learning content
  • Track employee training progress and engagement levels
  • Share content to anyone, anywhere, at any time
  • Connect with remote employees using deep, powerful integrations like Slack

And much more...

Let's see how an LMS can improve employee engagement.

4 ways an LMS can boost employee engagement

A learning management system doesn't have to be used only for learning or training, it can be a centralized hub of your organization's communication, information, processes, and initiatives.

In fact, Continu was built for use cases exactly like the ones mentioned. Our modern approach to an LMS is what our customers love the most, the ability to use a single platform to create, share, measure, and connect with employees while improving engagement.

With that in mind, here are four ways that you can use an LMS to drive employee engagement:

  1. Building community
  2. Providing encouragement
  3. Keeping everyone informed
  4. Clarifying company culture

1. Building community

Many business leaders hope to mold their workforce into a community close-knit enough to be entrusted with helping to move a grand vision forward. By leveraging LMS features like Continu’s People Search, leaders can greatly increase opportunities for informal mentorship and meaningful cross-expertise engagements, employee interactions that go a long way toward the idea that “we’re all in this together.”

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2. Providing Encouragement

Along similar lines, a good LMS can help with what we call the “crowd-sourcing” of workplace recognition. Managers know that the most effective employees are those who show up every morning excited about their work. A great way to encourage enthusiasm is to acknowledge the small everyday successes that fall through the cracks between annual performance reviews and employee of the month awards.

A strong learning management platform lets managers and team members comment on, like, and share notifications about an employee’s progress on things like continuing education modules. Though it may not seem like much, the average worker deeply appreciates that someone recognizes their dedication and diligence.

3. Keeping Everyone Informed

A common misconception about today’s learning management platforms is that they’re only tools for strict work-related tasks.

As a centralized content hub, an LMS can replace your company’s physical bulletin board or even workplace menu -- because let’s be honest, with standing desks, yoga ball chairs, and LaCroix, who frequents the break-room or water cooler these days? Not to mention, many of today’s companies operate with remote teams and employees.

If your company provides on-site lunches, a simple way to drive employee engagement and culture is by posting a weekly menu to your learning platform. If you’ve taken community-building to the next level with evening or weekend employee outings, list the details in this easily-accessible location.

4. Clarifying Company Culture

As much as it’s discussed, “company culture” remains a vague beast. No two experts agree on the best way to foster culture and employee engagement, but what’s obvious is that a company isn’t going to go anywhere good unless its employees are all on the same page.

Proper onboarding and continuing education help ensure that everyone is facing the same direction, yes, but excellent training can’t compensate for a muddied corporate vision.

Using an LMS to distribute – ideally in an interactive format – a company manifesto reinforcing leadership’s mission and values is a great way to clarify employees’ understanding of where the company is, where it wants to go, and how it plans to get there.

An LMS built for employee engagement

In 2012, we set out to build a learning management system that could replace the clunky, overly-complicated platforms that many companies were still using. We were driven by a laser-focused vision. Our task was simple: build forward-thinking software that reflects what the next generation workforce should look like, specifically, more connected, integrated, and social.

But re-envisioning what an LMS could and should be didn’t only mean improving well-established capabilities like employee onboarding and continuing education, it also meant expanding the scope and power of a learning management system in general. And as companies consider adopting an LMS, it’s important to remember that the rules have been rewritten.

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