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Top 10 Online Training Software You Need (Based on Company Size)

Highly engaged teams turn a greater profit. But the million-dollar question is always how do you motivate people to do their best work? One of the ways is through online training software. You give people the tools to do their jobs more efficiently. This makes them better at their jobs and provides value back to the employees. It’s really a win-win for everyone. But besides adding value, there are actually several benefits to online training software.

Benefits of e-learning software

Ease of Use 

Since your employees most likely travel, are out of the office or some may work from home, training needs to reflect this workplace trend. That’s why online training software gives businesses and employees flexibility. It’s easy for someone to take a training course from various devices and whether they are in the office or not. 


Although some companies may view online training software as another component for budget planning, it actually saves money in the long run. Traditional courses with paperwork, tests, manuals and more take money to create. Not to mention if you have various versions of classes, this is even more money spent to properly train employees. Instead online training software stores all this information on the cloud. That way there is no waste and cuts costs way down.


Employees are used to interacting via platforms like social media or online gaming in their personal lives so by creating the same environment at work, you will be building a stronger culture. For example, online training software can include things like forums to ask questions among peers and even group discussion boards which build collaboration efforts.

Built-in support

With onsite training, a facilitator is really only able to answer questions while a class is in session. If an employee has a question after the class, they could email a question to the teacher but usually, this won’t happen. People often forget after a training session is over. However, with online training, an employee can ask questions during sessions and get real-time help. Or if they are having technical difficulties, there is chat support versus having to wait for IT to help.


Not everyone learns in the same fashion and some employees resent the idea of taking an exam after a course is over. A better option is the use of assessments as part of the online training software. This allows a fairer way of judging knowledge learned from a course. Plus, students can retake these assessments if they wish to increase their scores. 

Course design

Options are really limited when it comes to in-person training. Yes, you can incorporate video and a few training exercises, but online training software gives you a ton of features. By adding course design elements like images, movie clips, animated descriptions, and more, it makes training more interactive and the more employees will retain what is learned. 

Online training software guide

Now that you know some of the reasons to invest in a learning management system, which online training software is the right solution for your company? We’ve broken these out by company size to make your decision a bit easier.

Best for any-sized company


Continu is a learning experience platform that offers a versatile cloud-based interface to several companies both large and small. It is one of the only LMS companies offering a blended learning tool for both online and classroom training. Their platform is easy to use, doesn’t overcomplicate the implementation process, and keeps up with changing technology. Besides using Continu as an LMS, it can also be used as a knowledge-based platform or Intranet system which helps cut company costs and save time.

Learning Tracks is how administrators create courses, facilitate onboarding flows, quizzes, and more. Continu is also an authoring tool which means companies can create training materials directly onto this platform without the aid of third parties and it can be easily synced using several integrations. Some of the key features include an intuitive easy-to-use interface, automated training to deliver correct materials on time based on the needs of the individual user, and is mobile-friendly…ideal as one of the tools for remote work. Plus, courses can be tracked and assigned based on each team’s needs. To further help team leaders manage remote teams, Continu comes with dashboards, detailed reporting, and analytics to track learning and engagement by each team member. And if your company has several offices whether national or international, content can be tagged based on geographic reach. Finally, since growth is the goal of any remote company, learning reports can be easily downloaded, exported, or shared. So when ready, Continu can be easily scaled based on need.

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iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn is a fairly easy learning management system to use. It is also great for both learning on-the-go via mobile devices or on a desktop in the office. For facilitators or analysts of corporate training, course statistics can be downloaded anytime even via mobile. Creating new learning tools is simple as well as organizing them in convenient e-folders. Plus, iSpring lets you add users into groups or organizations for a multi-tiered approach to training.Some of the key features include flexible options for creating custom materials and content, reporting/statistics that allow for tracking of user progress, the ability to sell your eLearning content and a feature for making design changes via desktop or mobile. You can also preview content before it goes live. Some of the integrations include PowerPoint, Moodle, LearnDash, Intuition Rubicon, xAPI.

Best for small companies or startups


Looop is an online training software that lets users create and share content and managers to generate reports. Plus, it offers customization for learning at various levels. Key features to use include content to be published and shared at any time and users can give feedback to other users using the system. Use Looop to set up in-person training by sending out meeting requests and collecting of the key features include a web-based content editor that lets users drag and drop text, content that is formatted to fit desktop or mobile, edit and change lesson plans via different devices and the ability to create separate teaching tools based on various users groups. There is also a built-in search function for locating the training material needed and this online training software can be customized including personalized URLs.


Coassemble is a great online training software for small companies. Some of the basic features include adding, editing and managing training materials. Use Coassemble for both iOS and Android devices and training can be easily assessed with performance tracking. Some of the more advanced features include uploading text, images, presentations and SCORM content. Plus, if you don’t want to start from scratch, there are built-in training templates to use. For administrators and managers, Coasamble offers analytic functions. Some of these include content performance and real-time feedback. This provides an overall picture of how effective the training program is. Some of the integrations include Salesforce, Intercom, Google suite and MailChimp.

Best for medium-sized companies


TalentLMS is a cloud-based LMS that is SCORM and TinCan certified. Users can easily transfer presentations, videos, and other online material through their integrations. Plus, administrators can create custom domains, logos, and themes. For multiple locations, use TalentLMS to meet complex company structures. Some of the key features include course downloading when offline, video conferencing, advanced gamification, analytic functionality and the ability to sell courses. It comes with several key integrations like Zapier and Salesforce and has the ability to collect and analyze surveys. 


Bridge by Instructure is an outcome-based talent management system for companies large and small. This company provides training, development, and a platform to bring companies together to better retain their current workforces. Bridge is a performance management software that helps define new company strategies, new decisions with analytics, and promotes employee and management development. Some of the features include continuous innovation and advancement, and customer service support. With Bridge, companies can achieve happier and well-trained employees.Some of the key features include recording employee practice or live pitches for future reference or improvement, users can create courses, design classes, build manager to employee ratios and peer to peer learning through video coaching. There are also built-in performance tools and learning can be totally self-directed. For integrations, Bridge offers several like HRIS, ERP and CRM systems as well as with several third-party apps. it can also be readily integrated with, OpenSesame, and Shopify.


SkyPrep is a great online training software for mid-sized companies. It offers many of the standard LMS features like creating training material as well as selling it. Plus, SkyPrep can be fully customizable in terms of branding and offers a blended learning platform. Other features include uploading PowerPoint presentations, SCROM content and videos to enhance training design. Sell courses via an ecommerce function when using SkyPrep is another plus. Users can easily access SkyPrep via mobile or desktop. And this online training software offers custom quizzes, real-time reporting and the tracking of which team members have completed the required training.

Best for enterprise corporations


Blackboard Learn is a learning management system that is fully scalable. This learning management system features online learning, increased employee engagement, and optimizes learning for users. Some of the other key features include the ability to create knowledge, retain top employees through onboarding, and drive business to meet organizational goals through learning. Some of the newer features make managing content easier, an ability to personalize courses, better collaboration, and easier ways to connect with learners. Use this system to streamline tools for easy workflows, when working with mobile, for personalized interactions, and for easy navigation regardless of age or ability. Blackboard Learn comes with several integrations like  Pearson LearningStudio, Sakai Collaborative and Learning Environment. In addition, constant advancements with no upgrades required, providing assessments and training can be offered outside to company partners using this system.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is an online training software that offers an HTML5-based user interface that works well with companies’ various hardware platforms. This technology works on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Absorb LMS gives self-guided lessons that have tasks, videos, quizzes, documents, surveys, exams, and more. Access materials either liked or are required by the company is another plus. Companies can buy a standard version or upgrade with an add-on called Mercury Module. While Absorb LMS offers an extensive list of features, it is also a bit pricey and may not work for smaller companies.Some of the key features include a learner interface, online course assembly, a question bank, global resources and the ability to schedule reports. Customers can also brand the look of this online training software for further customization. And if you need integrations, Absorb LMS offers several from Microsoft Azure to Twitter to PingFederate and more.


If you run a large corporation, Mindflash is a good online training software to consider. This cloud-based LMS offers the flexibility to train on the go. So whether you employ remote workers, several sales team members or consultants, this is a great option for you. Some of the features include creating courses and quizzes. You can also track user progress and upload PowerPoint presentations and SCORM files.As for reporting, there are built-in capabilities that can report by group, course, quiz, question, or learner. Mindflash can integrate with Salesforce as well. Mindflash groups by category like “missed training course” or “marketing team.” This is ideal for larger teams. That way, it’s easy to track training by department or missed skills training. Also ideal for larger operations is the built-in customer support. 

Which online training software is right for you?

We’ve given you several online training software options to consider. Besides looking at options based on your company size, consider factors like free trials, key integrations, and which companies are using these platforms already. This will help you make a more informed decision. Whichever option you choose, online training software will give you the flexibility and tools needed to make sure your team members are always on top of the most up-to-date skills. 

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