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10 Best Online Training Software Ranked (2024)

Discover the top 10 online training software of 2024, ranked for their features, usability, and impact on enhancing the learning experience.

Choosing an LMS

Based on our ranking factors such as ease-of-use, G2 satisfaction, quality of support, overall user rating, and number of reviews, the best online training software for enterprise organizations is Continu. The platform scored the highest on these online training software ranking factors: G2 Satisfaction Score: 99 and Ease of Use: 96%. The G2 Satisfaction Score metric carries the most weight in our decision-making for these software rankings.

About the author: Scott Burgess is the Founder & CEO of Continu, with over 10 years in the LMS and online training industry. Scott is passionate about building training software that helps organizations develop employees quickly and effectively. He is also an Executive Board Member of the Fast Company and a Contributing Writer on the Forbes Technology Council.

In this article, we have carefully curated a list of top-notch online training software solutions that cater to the diverse learning needs of organizations. Whether you're looking for robust features, user-friendly interfaces, or comprehensive analytics, our selection covers everything.

Here’s the list of the top online employee training software based on our ranking factors:

A ranked list of the best online training software for 2023.

1. Continu

Continu's Explore dashboard containing a series of online training programs.
Continu's Explore dashboard showcasing various online training initiatives.

Continu is a cutting-edge learning management system that caters to the training needs of customers, partners, and employees. With its user-friendly interface and sleek design, Continu prioritizes learner engagement and adoption. The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, enabling a seamless workflow. The robust authoring tools empower users to effortlessly import or create content within Continu, streamlining the content creation process and allowing more focus on empowering learners.

Continu customers include enterprise brands such as Slack, Upwork, Snap Inc., GoPro, US Foods, and many more…

Continu is ideal for large enterprise organizations looking to train over 1000 users. This is due to the platform’s ability to consolidate all corporate training and development into a single software.

Top features and solutions of Continu

Having personally reviewed the product, here are the best features of Continu to empower your company’s online training:

  • Learning Tracks enable administrators to combine multiple forms of training content into a single course. This includes articles, videos, SCORM, and assessments.
  • The deep integrations with Zoom and Google Meet make Continu’s virtual instructor-led training workshops a must-have for virtual training sessions.
  • Journeys provide training content creators with all the tools they need to develop complete employee learning plans. Mix and match entire training modules, such as workshops and learning tracks, into a step-by-step training plan.
  • Badges let learners celebrate milestones, drive engagement, and boost motivation by gamifying training.
Video of Scott creating a Journey in Continu
Quickly and easily set-up Journeys in Continu to build online training courses.

How Continu stands out from the competition

Based on our first-hand experience with the platform, this is how Continu beats the rest of the competition:

  • A proper all-in-one online training software for enterprise organizations
  • Deep integrations with the tools your business is already using (Slack, Salesforce, Google, Zoom, and much more…)
  • Deliver personalized, just-in-time learning to employees when they need it most
  • Automate new hire training, ongoing development, or compliance training with Workflow™ features.
  • Track learner activity, progress, engagement, attendance, and more with real-time analytics, reporting, and dashboards.

Continu’s ranking factors

G2 Satisfaction Score: 99

Rating: 4.7 - Reviews: 414

Ease of Use: 96% - Quality of Support: 96%

Continu's online training software ranking factors scores.

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2. Workramp

WorkRamp's learner dashboard with assigned training modules.

WorkRamp is an online employee training software that comes with powerful authoring tools. With its user-friendly interface and customizable learning experiences, WorkRamp empowers revenue teams to drive more sales and enhance customer satisfaction. It enables L&D teams to foster an organizational learning culture, resulting in improved product adoption, customer engagement, and reduced churn.

WorkRamp is trusted by leading organizations such as Lattice, Box, Outreach, Intercom, SproutSocial, and Unity.

WorkRamp is ideal for mid to large organizations seeking to train external users (customers and partners) and internal teams.

See how WorkRamp compares to Continu

Notable features and solutions of WorkRamp

After testing the WorkRamp platform, we found the following features and solutions to be highly useful in corporate online training:

  1. Learning Cloud: A flexible learning infrastructure that hosts customer and employee training programs.
  2. Drag and Drop Course Builder: Intuitive course authoring tools with collaboration features for creating engaging learning experiences.
  3. Marketplace: Editable templates to streamline content creation and avoid starting from scratch.
  4. White-labeled Training Academies: Organizations can establish branded online training academies to share courses and resources tailored to their domain with the public.

What sets WorkRamp apart

During our review of the WorkRamp LMS, here’s what sets them apart from the competition:

  1. Streamlined eLearning content creation process.
  2. Ready-made training content modules that administrators can customize.
  3. A clean and professional user interface for seamless navigation.
  4. Ability to segregate external user training from internal training, ensuring targeted learning experiences.

Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.

WorkRamp’s ranking factors

G2 Satisfaction Score: 98

Rating: 4.4 - Reviews: 440

Ease of Use: 89% - Quality of Support: 92%

WorkRamp's online training software ranking factors scores.

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3. AbsorbLMS

Absorb LMS's courses dashboard

Absorb is dedicated to helping organizations reach their training objectives by providing impactful learning experiences that yield tangible outcomes. With the latest iteration of the Absorb LMS learner experience, learners are motivated to complete more courses and remain engaged throughout their learning journey. 

Absorb's cloud-based LMS is suitable for training internal employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Absorb ensures consistent, on-brand training experiences across various locations and devices regardless of the number of learners or their learning needs.

Absorb LMS’s customers include Sony, Johnson & Johnson, and GAP

Absorb LMS is great for mid to large-sized companies.

See how Absorb LMS compares to Continu

Popular features and solutions of Absorb LMS

Based on our research from across multiple review sites, customer testimonials, and the free trial, here are some of the features we thought were great:

  • Intelligent Assistant: an AI feature that helps admins manage simple tasks efficiently. Even complex prompts were recognized and could navigate users to reports or action screens.
  • Absorb Create: an interactive drag-and-drop training course builder that lets course creators build assessments, quizzes, scenarios, and videos.
  • eCommerce Catalog: an easy-to-use and set-up eCommerce module to sell online training courses. Every instance of Absorb LMS comes with the Catalog feature for free.

How is Absorb LMS different from competitors?

After our complete review of the Absorb LMS platform, here’s how this online course platform differentiates itself from others:

  • A completely flexible and customizable learning management system
  • The mobile app allows learners to access training materials from anywhere
  • Users can generate revenue by selling training courses built in the software
  • Connections with a bunch of quality eLearning content providers

Pricing: Fill out the form on their pricing page to generate a quote.

Absorb LMS’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 97

Rating: 4.7 - Reviews: 262

Ease of Use: 91% - Quality of Support: 98%

Absorb LMS's online training software ranking factors

4. Trainual

The Trainual Subjects screen displaying assigned content

Trainual is an impressive knowledge transfer and training solution. It enables growing teams to create a comprehensive playbook that captures all their organization's essential processes, policies, and procedures. The platform promotes faster onboarding, seamless delegation, consistent processes, increased accountability and ensures everyone is up-to-date with important information.

Trainual’s eLearning platform is used mainly by small to mid-sized businesses looking to train between 5 to 500 users.

Valuable features and solutions of Trainual

Based on reviewing Trainual and parsing through tons of online resources, this training management software has some quality features, which include:

  • Content Organizer: somewhat like a folder system that organizes eLearning content into groups while creating “training” courses.
  • SOP to Training Manual: users can convert standard operating procedures into sections of a training manual.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: each team member gets a dedicated profile page that showcases everything you need to know, such as title, email, department, roles, and responsibilities within the organization.

What makes Trainual different from the competition?

Trainual mainly stands out from other online training software due to its simple content creation and management tools. Other reasons include:

  • Content organization makes it super effective to keep training materials organized and separated by topics.
  • We found the “Test Adding” functionality to be an easy way of attaching training assessments or quizzes.
  • A great tool for creating online training manuals from existing corporate documents

Pricing: Yearly plans of Trainual start at $8/mo per person (minimum 10 user seats) for their Train plan and up to $12/mo per person (minimum 10 user seats) for their Scale plan.

Trainual’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 95

Rating: 4.7 - Reviews: 543

Ease of Use: 95% - Quality of Support: 91%

Trainual's online training software ranking metrics

5. 360Learning

360Learning learner dashboard

360Learning offers a unique approach to addressing the talent shortage by focusing on internal mobility and upskilling. The platform empowers companies to tap into their existing experts and transform them into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth.

With 360Learning's comprehensive learning experience platform, businesses can easily onboard and upskill employees, train customer-facing teams, and enable customers and partners—all from a single, centralized location. It's a practical solution that fuels the upskilling flywheel and helps businesses meet future demands with a skilled workforce.

Some of 360Learning’s customers include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Dannon, Aircall, and Haribo.

360Learning is built for medium-sized organizations to train their employees online.

Check out how 360Learning compares to Continu

The 360Learning features that matter

The free trial allowed us to play around with 360Learning’s core features. These are the few that stood out to us:

  • Champions: a user access and management feature that lets admins delegate L&D tasks within a training program to different team members or “experts”.
  • Live Training: this feature makes it easy to share and deliver blended training programs to users on-site or online.
  • Globalization: with many workforces spanning multiple countries, this feature made language translation in your training programs a breeze.

What helps 360Learning separate itself from competitors?

After testing the free trial, we felt 360Learning is a solid blended learning software for organizations to develop online employee training. Here’s why:

  • The platform creates a truly collaborative learning environment and experience.
  • Launching an Academy community was seamless and simple.
  • Adding team members to help develop training courses with the authoring tools was a great addition to the training design process.

Pricing: 360Learning has two plans, one is Team and the other is Business. The Team Plan starts at $8/mo per user seat up to 100 seats/mo. Business is a personalized quote based on the number of users in the organization.

360Learning’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 92

Rating: 4.6 - Reviews: 310

Ease of Use: 92% - Quality of Support: 98%

360Learning online training software ranking metrics

6. Tovuti

Tovuti LMS courses dashboard

Tovuti is an LMS that offers a user-friendly and adaptive solution for engaging online learning experiences. The platform focuses on putting people first and is committed to customer success. With Tovuti, organizations can establish skills as the foundation of their business, fostering a culture of continuous learning that drives growth and success. 

The platform provides an engaging and comprehensive learning experience, serving customers and learners worldwide. Tovuti has the potential to unlock the full potential of learners and transform organizations into high-performance powerhouses.

Tovuti LMS is a great online learning platform for small to mid-sized companies.

Tovuti’s features that stuck out for us

Based on Tovuti’s demo, website, and research gathered from other online sources, these were the features that we liked:

  • Assignment Scheduling: Tovuti’s ability to group, organize, and assign relevant content to users seemed intuitive compared to other platforms.
  • Course Authoring: building and launching online training courses was straightforward with no frills, simply add content and assign it to users.
  • Learning Reports and Analytics: the LMS reports were easy to generate and provided valuable insights.

How is Tovuti LMS different from competitors?

We compiled a list of reasons why Tovuti LMS is not only a quality LMS but how it can help your organization train your employees:

  • It’s very easy to create and share eLearning content with users.
  • The platform supports mobile learning initiatives and works on a variety of devices.
  • Tovuti integrates with most of the online business tools your organization already uses.

Pricing: Tovuti has a few pricing tiers based on the maximum number of user seats. The platform starts at $775/mo for a max of 50 users and goes up to $1925/mo for a max of 1500 user seats.

Tovuti LMS’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 87

Rating: 4.7 - Reviews: 238

Ease of Use: 96% - Quality of Support: 97%

Tovuti LMS online training software ranking metrics

7. Leapsome

Leapsome Learning analytics screen

Leapsome is a comprehensive people enablement platform that offers a wide range of tools to drive performance, engagement, and development within organizations. From goal management and performance reviews to employee learning and engagement surveys, Leapsome covers all employee growth and success aspects. This platform empowers organizations to create a holistic approach to performance management and continuous improvement.

Customers of Leapsome include Spotify, Unity,, and Workato.

Leapsome’s an excellent eLearning platform for Mid Market organizations.

Leapsome features that are great for online training

These are some of Leapsome’s tools that stood out to us during the demo:

  • Competency Framework: this assessment module is an excellent addition to any LMS. It enables admins to track skill development on the employee or organization level.
  • Goals and OKRs: admins can set goals and objectives for employees while providing feedback to motivate employees to hit their goals.
  • Leapsome AI: a powerful time-saving and efficient tool that allows managers to enrich their feedback to employees so they can focus more on improving training initiatives.

How is Leapsome different from other online training software?

Even though Leapsome focuses on people management, its training and development tools combine well with its core HR features. Here are a few other reasons:

  • The platform intuitively mixes people management and employee development tasks in the same tool.
  • Collecting and analyzing feedback data means admins can use these insights to improve processes and training materials.
  • Leapsome had a very collaborative and engaging feeling. Every training module had some feedback or communication loop attached to it.

Pricing: Leapsome pricing is through a quote request on their website.

Leapsome’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 87

Rating: 4.8 - Reviews: 1213

Ease of Use: 93% - Quality of Support: 91%

Leapsome's online training software ranking metrics

8. Docebo

Docebo online courses and learning plans screen

Docebo is revolutionizing how enterprises harness technology's power to design, deliver, and evaluate their learning experiences with the Docebo Learning Suite. With its comprehensive suite of learning products, Docebo empowers organizations worldwide to overcome any learning obstacle and foster a thriving learning culture. Discover a new era of learning possibilities with Docebo.

Docebo has a top-tier list of customers that includes AWS, Walmart, Heineken, and Coca-Cola.

Docebo’s online training platform is ideal for large enterprise organizations looking to train over 1000 users.

Check out how Docebo compares to Continu

Docebo’s most impactful features

After our initial tests of Docebo, here are the parts of the platform we liked:

  • Docebo Shape: an intuitive way to create reusable training modules that can be inserted into other platforms and channels.
  • “Always-on Learning”: users can access training content from various platforms such as a mobile app, POS, or web.
  • Action Plans: a metrics dashboard that combines feedback from surveys, assessments, and training KPIs to deliver valuable insights into improving employee training.

Why is Docebo different from its competitors?

Docebo as a corporate training software is a great option. Here are the reasons why:

  • Docebo works well on multiple platforms, switching between apps, websites, and tablets. Organizations can train in-person employees as well for a truly blended learning experience.
  • Comes with a suite of training tools that cover the entire training process, from creation to delivery.
  • Content can be dropped into existing training programs easily with the Docebo Shape set of features.

Pricing: Docebo pricing can be requested as a quote on their website.

Docebo’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 86

Rating: 4.4 - Reviews: 401

Ease of Use: 88% - Quality of Support: 89%

Docebo's online training software ranking metrics

9. EdApp

EdApp's online training courses library

EdApp gives your team the learning experience they deserve, regardless of their device, location, or internet connection. With EdApp, you can effortlessly create bite-sized microlearning courses, customize ready-made courses, manage users and content through our admin portal, and engage your teams through the learner portal with features like gamification and push notifications.

EdApp’s customer list includes top-notch companies like UNITAR, Audi, Mizuno, and Amgen.

Based on EdApp’s focus on a mobile learning experience, we would consider their ideal customer profile to be a small business or mid-market organization.

EdApp’s award-winning features

Since signing up was free, we got a first-hand glimpse of the EdApp platform. This was the Free version, which had a ton of notable features, such as:

  • Template Library: there were a ton of premade templates to choose from, and quickly built out entire training courses or bite-sized learning modules.
  • Elearning Gamification: the platform makes training fun with scenarios, interactive graphics, and badges for completing specific tasks or goals.
  • AI Translation: by utilizing Google’s Machine Learning Cloud Translation Engine, you can quickly and easily translate your training materials into any language you need. Now you can train your global workforce without recreating each course in another language.

What makes EdApp different from other online training software?

EdApp is entirely different from all the other software by being the only true mobile learning platform on the list. These are the reasons why EdApp stands out: 

  • They offer a free mobile learning application where users can access content from their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Admins have access to hundreds of premade templates and microlearning modules to build out training content quickly.
  • The design is sleek, professional-looking, and works well across all channels.

Pricing: EdApp has four pricing plans: Free costs $0 forever, DIY starting at $2.95/mo per user, Managed at $2.95 to $5.95 per user/mo, and Enterprise, which requires a custom quote.

EdApp’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 84

Rating: 4.7 - Reviews: 208

Ease of Use: 95% - Quality of Support: 96%

EdApp's online training software metrics

10. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite's training to-do screen

iSpring Suite is a comprehensive content authoring software designed to simplify the creation of professional eLearning content. With iSpring Suite, you can effortlessly develop interactive courses, quizzes, simulations, videos, and more without a steep learning curve. Benefit from a vast library of eLearning assets, character builders, and templates to expedite course authoring. Collaborate with your team in a dedicated online space and seamlessly share content for review.

Some world-famous brands choose iSpring Suite, such as IBM, MIT, Microsoft, and Ikea.

Based on their reviews, customer list, and toolkit, iSpring Suite is perfect for small businesses and mid-market organizations.

The iSpring Suite of training features

We played around with iSpring Suite’s free 14-day trial to see how this online training software works. These are the features we thought were great for training employees:

  • Assessment Builder: a drag-and-drop tool that lets course designers evaluate learning retention and collect feedback through interactive quizzes.
  • Interactions: this feature is perfect for product knowledge training as content creators can add multiple information hotspots to a single slide. Great for showcasing parts of an item or essential areas of the screen on software.
  • 360-degree Feedback: generate insights on an employee’s skills and knowledge with a detailed and visualized report to help develop their strengths and weaknesses.

How does iSpring Suite separate itself from the rest?

Like a few other online training software on this list, iSpring Suite is exactly how it sounds…a suite of learning tools. But here are a couple of ways it’s different:

  • Content creation and management is very simple (in a good way), focusing on presentation-style training modules. Just upload content in various formats to the system and mash them into a learning track.
  • Everything is interactive to help engage learners during training programs. Click, slide, answer, and customize the eLearning content and LMS.
  • An endless (or so it seems) library of training course templates to speed up the design process.

Pricing: iSpring Suite has a different pricing model, focusing on authors rather than users. These three plans are iSpring Suite starting a $770/year per author, iSpring Suite Max which is $970/year per author; and iSpring Suite Premium reaching up to $1970/year per author.

iSpring Suite’s ranking metrics

G2 Satisfaction Score: 83

Rating: 4.7 - Reviews: 457

Ease of Use: 92% - Quality of Support: 96%

iSpring Suite's online training software ranking metrics

Online Training Software Ranking Factors

Below are the key criteria that determine the rankings of online training software solutions. We analyze factors such as G2 satisfaction score, usability, ratings, reviews, and customer support quality.

Here are the ranking factors we use to determine the best online training software:

  1. G2 Satisfaction Score - generated through the sentiment analysis of user reviews from the G2 platform. This ranking factor carries the most weight in our decision-making. This number is on a 0 to 100 scale.
  2. Overall User Rating - the combined average of all customer ratings. Scores are based on a 5-star rating scale.
  3. Total Number of Reviews - an accumulation of customer reviews for the product.
  4. Ease of Use (Usability) - a percentage (out of 100) of how easy the software is to administer within the organization’s tech stack, how well it meets business requirements, and how effective it is for the end user to navigate.
  5. Quality of Support Rating - a percentage (out of 100) of customers that felt they were receiving exceptional customer support when using the product.

By understanding how these factors contribute to the rankings, you can make well-informed decisions when selecting the most suitable online training software for your organization.

Choose the Best Online Training Software for Your Organization's Success

In today's digital age, investing in the right online training software is crucial for organizations to unlock the full potential of their workforce. 

From robust learning management systems to innovative learning experience platforms, the market offers various options to suit different needs. Here’s the breakdown of this list:

  • Continu is the best overall online training software for enterprise organizations.
  • Leapsome is the best training platform focused on performance management.
  • EdApp is the best cross-platform training software for mobile learning.

Evaluate your organization's requirements, explore the features and solutions of each software, and make an informed decision that aligns with your unique training goals. With the right online training software, you can empower your learners, optimize training processes, and pave the way for a successful learning journey.

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