Easily Give Permissions to Peers with Continu Profiles

November 15, 2023

Continu Profiles now allow easy peer permission management, enhancing collaboration and access control.

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Driven by user surveys, and valuable feedback, at Continu, we are constantly working to improve our customers’ learning experience. According to data, the key to a superior learning experience is collaboration. 

As a result, today, we are extremely excited to announce the release of our latest feature: Profiles!

Profiles: Give Custom Permissions to Users

With Continu 'Profiles', admins can now provide tailored permissions to co-workers and team members. Profiles in Continu are designed to focus on relevance, privacy, and collaboration.

Admins can give team members custom permissions to:

  • Create content in Continu
  • Edit content
  • Manage users
  • View all analytics
  • Segment content
  • Manage assignments
  • and more ...

Profiles allow admins to work directly with specialized content creators and learning platform administrators conveniently.

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Examples of Profiles in Continu

To help you understand Profiles in Continu better, our team has put together some examples for you:

  • Manager Admin: Our top tiered Profile is Manager Admin. Users with this permission have the ability to add users to the system. However, with Continu, you can tailor the permission granted to Manager Admins based on their location, and departments to ensure privacy, and scalability.

  • Administrator: We understand that not all users need to be managers in Continu, but they can be administrators. With the Admin Settings Profile, you can grant administrative permissions to co-workers, and team members to modify Continu settings only.

  • Creator (Department Specific): Enterprises usually have one specialist for different areas, and that is when you need specific permissions for each users. Similarly, you can grant Content Creator permissions to users which allows them the ability to create, manage, and view content. This Profile can be modified based on the users’ department. 

Profiles are designed to help Continu customers enable collaboration, and automating redundant tasks like reaching out to primary admins for minor tweaks.

How can I get access to Profiles?

If you are an existing customer of Continu but do not see ‘Profiles' in your admin panel, contact to learn more about accessing Profile.

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Scott Burgess, CEO of Continu
Scott Burgess

Scott is the Founder & CEO of Continu, a Modern Learning Management System used by some of the world's fastest-moving companies. Scott is passionate about building products that help people work better together.

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