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Continu is Built for External

When looking for a learning platform, it’s vital to consider what you’re trying to achieve today
and what growth will look like with this system in place. Who are you trying to train? Do you
need a learning platform for your full-time employees as well as your external customers?

Well, to start, let’s better understand what learning means for your customers. The external
learner comprises of customers, students, and vendor partners. Upon starting a relationship
with your organization, these learners require engaging training to be delivered quickly and
effectively so that they can use your tool effectively! This means that a Learning platform
needs to be accessible, engaging, and also very scalable for rapid learner population
growth. This is why Continu was built as a modern, mobile-friendly Enterprise Learning
Amplification Platform.

So how does Continu differ from some of the other Learning Platforms geared towards the
External Learner?

Built for Enterprise

Continu is a robust and feature-rich platform designed for Enterprises - according to G2,
63.8% of Continu customers have user populations in the thousands, hundreds of
thousands, and millions. Although many learning platforms designed for the External
Learning population may have an intriguing feature-set, most of these systems are not
designed for high volume usage - this is why Continu employs a global infrastructure built for
massive & sudden spikes in demand. Because of this, Continu has seen several customers
with over 900% annual growth in their External usage.

Enterprise-Ready Automation

Continu offers unrivaled automation functionality for Enterprise organizations to create very
tailored onboarding & continued development learning paths for all External Learners as
soon as they enter Continu. This functionality has allowed Continu customers to decrease Admin time by over 40,000 hours each year while decreasing onboarding time by over 50%.
With Continu Workflows, you can ensure that each learner is immediately surfaced with the
right learning from the moment they start using Continu (how to set up Continu Workflow
Automation easily

Robust Reporting & Analytics

As an organization with an External audience, you’ll need a powerful reporting engine that is both incredibly deep and easy to use for those that need to pull platform-wide reports in seconds, not hours. With Continu’s Custom Report Builder, Admins can easily create & save reports for User Engagement, Assignment Summaries, Content Engagement, Learning Track summaries, and much more (read more here). Continu also has a robust reporting API for external reporting purposes in Business Intelligence tools and many others (Continu API Documentation).

Custom & Tailored Permission Controls

External learners aren’t all the same - this means that you’ll want to be able to allocate platform Admins in a tailored way for these different user populations and initiatives. Most platforms only provide 1 type of Admin experience. In contrast, Continu has a Custom Profile Builder to ensure you can easily create & attribute the right permissions to the right people.

Support for All External eLearning Formats (Scorm 1.2 & Scorm 2004)

You must deliver your External users the absolute best learning experience - sometimes this may mean building beautiful courses in Continu. Still, it’s imperative to have the flexibility to import eLearning courses in built-in industry-standard formats such as Scorm. This is why Continu has its very own Scorm engine to ensure these packages are displayed natively within the platform, rather than needing to go into a separate tab - Continu supports all versions of Scorm 1.2 & Scorm 2004. Many other learning platforms only provide limited support for these formats, which can pose many challenges in providing the most modern experience and scaling content distribution confidently.

Customized Management Structures

When overseeing your External population to ensure they’re progressing through their learning effectively, it’s highly valuable to have a clear-cut management dashboard to oversee their progress. Most learning platforms only provide a traditional corporate management structure where only 1 person can be assigned to oversee a group of learners. With Continu, you can utilize Groups to have multiple managers/instructors lead multiple groups of learners - this a very unique functionality to Continu as an Enterprise learning platform built for External Learners.

Continu is an Enterprise-focused Learning Amplification Platform built for flexibility and confident growth to millions of learners. As you explore Learning Platforms that support your External use case, it’s crucial to make sure that you entrust a platform that doesn’t just fit your learning goals today, but will also confidently scale as your learner population increases tenfold. Your learners deserve the best experience, but as an Admin, you should also have the most reliable & robust platform to help drive your vision for learning into the future!

Key Features for External Training
Content Authoring
Automated Workflows
Custom Report Builder
Advanced Profile Creator
Custom Manager Groups
Full Scorm Support
Continu Usage Results

“With Continu, we were able to bring all our external users into one system and help them train quickly and effectively. The scalability of Continu is massively important to both our admins and users in providing the most on-brand and quality experience they deserve.”

- Enterprise (10,000+ employees)