Introducing Zoom for Continu - Train Your Team Virtually

With the recent shifts to remote work and the evolving landscape of learning and development, we’ve been paying a lot of attention to the tools that help companies train their teams remotely.  That’s why today we’re excited to launch our brand new Zoom for Continu integration!

Zoom for Continu makes it easy to convert any Workshop from an Online event to a virtual Zoom session. This powerful integration makes it possible for you to automate your attendance tracking, capture recordings, and leverage the powerful video conferencing capabilities of Zoom, right within Continu.

Turn any Workshop into a Zoom Workshop

Continu - Turn any workshop into a Zoom Meeting

We’ve made it extremely easy to turn any of your Workshops into Virtual Zoom Workshops with a click of a button (really!). You’ll also have access to powerful Zoom features right within Continu, including:

  • Adding alternative hosts to allow multiple Workshop facilitators
  • Auto-Capturing Zoom recordings to create a 360 learning journey for your learners
  • Requiring Sign-In to ensure your Workshops are secure and private

Automate Your Attendance Tracking

Continu Attendance Tracking

With our deep integration with Zoom, you’ll no longer need to manually mark attendance for your training events. Let Zoom track attendance of your Workshops and then rely on Continu to automate pre and post-workshop materials to your attendees. You’ll create a truly blended experience that your learners will love.

Capture Your Recordings in Continu

If it happened in Zoom the recording will be available within Continu. Your Learners will receive instant access to the training session right within Continu, allowing them to reference useful information or relearn important information when the time is right. Couldn’t attend the training workshop? No problem, check out the recording right within Continu from your user dashboard as soon as the workshop is completed.

Ready for a Modern Learning Platform?

Take your learning to the next level with Continu.

Never Run Late

With our deep Slack Integration and custom notifications, you’ll never have to worry about your attendees or facilitators running late for a training session. Just set up custom learner notifications or toggle on the automated facilitator notifications and all registered attendees will be notified before and after the workshop - it’s that easy! Interested in learning more about our Zoom for Continu integration? Schedule a demo of Continu to learn more.

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