Introducing Workflows: Automate team learning

As a Learning and Development professional, you likely have a lot of training to deliver to a lot of employees, at the right times. We understand the struggle. That's why we're excited to launch a brand new feature called Workflows.

With Workflows, you can trigger content to the right users, in the right locations, at the right times. Say goodbye to setting calendar reminders and building clunky spreadsheets. Just create your content, setup a Workflow and let Continu handle the rest. It's as simple as that.

Here are a few ways that Workflows can be utilized:

Workflows = Just-In-Time Learning

Workflows facilitates Just-In-Time Learning based on the parameters you choose. Simply select the type of Workflow you'd like to create, add your content and user group or location that your Workflow should be sent to. Continu will then trigger your content to the right users at the right times.

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On-Board New Hires With Ease

Create On-boarding Workflows to automatically welcome new hires and assign learning content to get them started. With Workflows, you can also customize the welcome message to greet your new hires with a friendly message. Content can also be triggered on their first 60 and 90 days on the job to reinforce learning.

Behavior Based Training

Create automated curricula by sharing or assigning content, based on what a user completes on Continu. Encourage self paced learning and prompt discovery of new content within a similar theme or topic. Delivering just-in-time learning to your users couldn't get any easier.

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