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Salesforce + Continu = Optimal Sales Enablement

It’s hard enough to get sales development reps and account executives to use Salesforce, let alone consistently, and even more challenging when other company tools don’t function properly with Salesforce.

That's why we’ve developed Continu to not only perform at a high level with major platforms like Salesforce for ideal sales enablement; we’ve created unique ways to optimize Salesforce usage with Continu’s help. Here are just a few ways you can get the most out of your Continu + Salesforce integration:

Integrated into Salesforce - no more context switching

Instead of switching platforms and re-adjusting process regularly, our Salesforce integration allows sales reps to access featured, relevant content on Continu, from within Salesforce.

Segment Content for Easier Searches

Administrators can also segment content that they’d like to showcase on Continu, making it easier for their sales reps to find what they’re looking for without hunting around. Easily segment and save most-used resources and content based on your reps position, team or location to save time and work more smoothly.

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Better Onboarding & Training

With Continu’s Salesforce integration, on-boarding new sales reps is smoother, more efficient, and more effective. Within Salesforce, Continu operates as an on-boarding automation tool so reps can get their learning inside the CRM and get up to speed more quickly, rather than relying on multiple platforms and sporadic pieces of content. With Continu, the sales enablement training process is simplified and effective for the sales manager and the sales rep.

In addition to a more automated, efficient process, sales managers have access to the training status for each of their direct reports within Continu through their own Manager Dashboard. The My Reports feature enables tracking for all learning activity for sales training as reps are on-boarded and when new content is introduced at any time.

Continu Salesforce Integration

Assign & Share Sales Resources

Managers are equipped to “trigger” content assignments to sales reps to offer them timely, useful material when they need it - resulting in more effective navigation and use of Salesforce altogether.

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