Continu Learn 2.0

We’re excited to announce the launch of Continu Learn 2.0.

We’ve rebuilt Learn from the ground up to be faster, more powerful and provide the richest user experience for learners and content creators alike.

This new release marks a number of major milestones for the Learn product as we continue to empower companies to redefine the way they engage, connect and communicate with their employees.

Exploring content has never been easier

Learning is all about discovery. We'd to made it even easy to find relevant content or discover new content by topic or geography. To do this, we’ve built a whole new explore experience.

Smart cards

Smart cards are a great new way to highlight your content. By showing your users the latest content, it ensures your new content always gets the attention it deserves.

Ready for a Modern Learning Platform?

Take your learning to the next level with Continu.

Faster Search

Search across title, author and tags to find relevant content much faster.

Location Specific Content & Events

Sometimes it can be hard to find content or events specific to your geography. With our new Location settings, companies with multiple office locations can now categorize content and events by location, making it extremely easy for users to find relevant content in their location.

Multi-Category Support

You can now add multiple tiers of categories to help make it even easier to sort and filter content.

Make Data Driven Decisions

It can be tough to understand what your users are really engaging with, where they are spending their time and what content is trending within the organization.

We’ve added real-time analytics to allow you to see what your users are engaging with, when they are accessing the platform and what matters most to them.

An easier way to add, edit and manage content

Adding content to Continu just became easier with a brand new content management system. Create, edit or import content with a tool that’s incredibly simple yet powerful to use.

Image editing

You asked for an easy way to edit images and we delivered. We've integrated with Adobe's Creative Cloud via the Creative SDK to bring you world class image editing functionality.

Learning Tracks

Learning is always better together, so we’ve added new social features to Learning Tracks, to allow participants to discuss topics and collaborate across course material.

New Instructor Notes allow instructors to give learners additional materials or context before starting, during and after completing a track.

What’s Coming Next?

  • Image gallery: A curation of ready to use images as well as a central library for all of your images
  • Slack Integration: Receive notifications from Continu within Slack
  • Google Docs Integration: Import documents from Google Docs into Continu

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