Continu Named Leader 3rd Time in a Row by G2!

November 15, 2023

Continu triumphs again, securing its position as a leader for the 3rd consecutive time in G2's rankings, highlighting its consistent excellence in LMS.

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In G2's most recent Spring reports, Continu was recognized in the Corporate Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Experience Platform (LxP), and Sales Training and onboarding categories.

Continu's Presence on G2

To highlight, here are some of the recent awards Continu won.

Momentum Leader: This is a prestigious one. The Momentum Leader award is for companies or products that rank in the top 25% of their category. Continu ranks #1 in the LxP category for popularity and satisfaction and #3 in the LMS category.

Leader: Continu has been awarded the leader badge the third time. Continu was named Leader in Fall and Winter both previously. On G2, products with high satisfaction and market presence are considered leaders in the industry. 

Leader (Europe): Similar to the Leader award, Leader (Europe) is specific towards a location.

Best Results: Products ranked highly compared to others in their category receive the Best Results badge. Some factors contributing to the Results score are 'likely to recommend,' 'meets requirements,' and 'estimated ROI.' 

Continu is the highest rated in the Results Index in the LMS category.

Best Relationship: Products ranked high in the relationship index is awarded the Best Relationship award. Factors like 'quality of support' and 'ease of doing business with' primarily determine results within this category. Continu has a 9.46/10 score in the results index, securing its place at the top spot. 

Recently, Continu also received G2's Best Software Awards 2022 as the Highest Satisfaction Product. 

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G2 awards and badges are great to receive; however, we owe it all to our customers who have taken the time to showcase their appreciation for Continu on G2 and provided valuable reviews.

This feedback allows us to improve and build a better future of learning continually.

About G2

G2 is a leading software marketplace that helps 60 million visitors make better software decisions. Every quarter, G2 releases reports highlighting top-performing software with contributing factors like growth, usability, ROI, and more. To see what our users say about Continu, visit our G2 profile. 

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Scott Burgess, CEO of Continu
Scott Burgess

Scott is the Founder & CEO of Continu, a Modern Learning Management System used by some of the world's fastest-moving companies. Scott is passionate about building products that help people work better together.

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