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We're proud to announce that G2 has named Continu 'Leader' in the Enterprise Relationship Index for Corporate Learning Management Systems in their Winter Report. 

On G2, a platform's position on the relationship index is calculated considering various relationship-related review questions factoring in user satisfaction.

Based on these review questions, Continu ranks #1 on the Enterprise Relationship Index.

In the reports, Continu has a relationship score of 93% compared to the industry avg. of 80%. 

Continu leads the way in ease of use and customer satisfaction, with 93% of customers willing to recommend the platform.

So, today, we thank our customers. We are so grateful for everyone who has shared a testament to their success with Continu and hope the year ahead brings even more opportunities to enrich learning.

"Very easy to use, very user-friendly for both sides of spectrum, great for videos, pdf, presentations. Customer service is excellent as their support team is diligent and attentive in resolving issues." - Brett B, Mid-Market (>500)

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About Continu

Continu brings modern learning to modern teams. As the world's first Learning Amplification Platform™, Continu helps teams create, share, connect, and measure learning all in one place. Powerful content authoring capabilities, deep analytics, and beautiful, intentional design make Continu a one-of-a-kind learning experience. 

Our customers, including Snap Inc., Shopify, UpWork, GoPro, and many more, use Continu for everything from onboarding to compliance training, sales enablement, and beyond. 

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Scott Burgess, CEO of Continu
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Scott is the Founder & CEO of Continu, a Modern Learning Management System used by some of the world's fastest-moving companies. Scott is passionate about building products that help people work better together.

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