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Modern companies use Continu to train employees, customers and partners -- we have the capabilities to share what you do with a larger audience.

Continu is a great partner for:

Content providers
HRIS systems
Technology partners

Our Partners

Customer Training
Create more value and engagement for customers
Retain top customers →
Udemy Business
Search, import, and track Udemy
for Business Content
Access natively-built CreateOne content right within Continu.
LinkedIn Learning
Search, import, and track LinkedIn Learning content.
Open Sesame
Seamlessly import & track content from Opensesame
Import and track GO1's extensive catalogue.
Embed tutorials within Continu using the Iorad extension
Continu G2 badges for Spring 2024

Connected to modern workplace tools

Continu deeply connects to the tools you already use, making them infinitely more valuable and boosting engagement across the board. Connect to Workplace tools in minutes.

Share, assign & automate learning content in mins

Share and distribute training materials with ease using Continu's powerful assignment, automation, and discovery features.

Create beautiful content right within Continu

Create beautiful and engaging learning content like a pro using Continu's powerful authoring tools. No need for third-party authoring tools.

Measure everything in real-time

Measure what matters most with Continu's real-time analytics, customized reporting, and robust admin and manager dashboards.

Companies you trust, trust Continu


“This is the active behavior change that we were looking for and it’s because of Continu.”

Gaia Dubai

"I wanted to make our staff’s lives easier with a solution they could rely on. That is what I found in Continu.”


“With Continu, we have a dedicated platform ready to go where we can create training content, assign it, and track it. With our previous HIPAA training, it was all through spreadsheets and email.”

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