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Continu & Traliant

Traliant is an online compliance training content provider helping you transform training from boring to brilliant. Through immersive learning experiences, Traliant promotes ethical decision-making, drive appropriate behaviors, mitigate risk and embed compliance deep into your organization’s culture. 

With Traliant, your team: 

  • Fully understands behavioral and ethical expectations of your organization
  • Learns to speak up against inappropriate behaviors
  • Understands the importance of a physically and psychologically safe workplace
  • Brings their best selves to work
  • and much more

With Continu’s partnership with Traliant, you can: 

  • Import compliance training content by industry
  • Pick and choose compliance training content by topic
  • View all content natively within Continu
  • Manage, track and report on Trialiant courses within Continu 
  • and much more

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