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Meet Continu, a Learning Amplification Platform™, designed to help you and your company experience meaningful learning through automation, real-time tracking, easy-to-use interface and much more.
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Modern User Experience
Flexible Content Segmention
Collaborative Learning Tools
Automated Report Builder
New Video Coaching
Complete White Labeling
Modern User Experience
Flexible Content Segmention
Collaborative Learning Tools
Automated Report Builder
Assignment Scheduling
Complete White Labeling
Cornerstone Learning

Reasons to choose Continu

With Continu, expect ROI in less than 9 months, not 22

Continu users go from implementation to profitability within 9 months, instead of the industry standard of 22 months. With a customer-centric approach, your company and teams get complete support from day 1.

*Industry avg. is 22 months.

Implement your learning solution faster

Continu customers go live company-wide within 2 months, compared to complex legacy systems that take up to 3 months.

*Industry avg. is up to 3 months.

Adapt to Continu much easier than legacy platforms

With its intuitive and simple user experience, Continu users can start learning in just a few clicks. According to the user adoption index, Continu is ranked higher than other platforms.

*Other platforms are 12% more complex.

94% of users are willing to recommend Continu

Continu users show their love for the platform by recommending it to their colleagues and friends across industries.

*Industry avg. is 89%.
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Easily create training material within Continu

For better training, you need better content creation tools. With Continu, you can easily create content in formats like video, files, images and much more without external tools.

Get award-winning support

Continu's award-winning support starts from day 01 as our team works with yours to help you set up, onboard and get to learning much faster.

"Continu has a tailored learning which is great because you can go to one place to choose what you want to learn more about."
Independent Insurance Broker, Enterprise (>1,000 Employees)
"Using this intuitive platform will help your team locate, access and complete training and learning assignments with ease!"
Health Insurance Agent, Mid-Market (51-1000 Employees)
"Rather than having to search the internal database, everything is listed on my dashboard, and I'm always notified when lessons and trainings are due."
Account Executive, Enterprise (>1,000 Employees)