Introducing My Reports: Real-time Team Insights

Ever wondered exactly what content/learning your team is working through or needed to assign something specific to the right team members at the right time? We've taken the guess work out of the equation with the rollout of an all new Manager Dashboard, we're calling it My Reports.

My Reports equips managers to view real-time insights about their teams progress, activity with peers, as well as assign and manage content. Coupled with the automation of Workflows, My Reports is a powerhouse to help managers stay connected to what their team is learning and engaging with and ensure the right team members are seeing the right content.

Stay Informed with My Reports

Get a birds eye view of what your team is engaging with and dive deeper to explore open assignments, individual progress and content completion status.

  • Real-time insights about content and team members
  • Monitor Activity: Comments, Likes, Shares and more
  • Track progress of open assignments, content engagement and team status

Give Managers the Data They Need

Empower your managers by giving them comprehensive visibility into what their team is working on and help boost accountability and engagement.

  • Equip managers with the tools to boost accountability
  • Allow managers to delegate content to the right team members
  • Drive more engagement by including multiple stakeholders across the company

Ready for a Modern Learning Platform?

Take your learning to the next level with Continu.

Manage Assignments

Instead of guessing when a team member might need specific content, now you can assign content at the point of need to make sure teams are on the right track.

  • Search and assign relevant information at the right times
  • Easily manage assignments on an individual and team level
  • Simply follow up and remind users of upcoming deadlines
  • No need for Managers to be administrators to access their teams data

Easily Share Reports

Say goodbye to requesting reports and data sheets. Managers now have their own unique dashboards showcasing relevant team information, making it easy to download and share data.

  • Easily download reports on users, content and assignments
  • Export for use in other systems outside of Continu
  • Simply share statistics with colleagues

Get a closer look at My Reports and how it can assist the managers within your organization.

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See Continu in action and how it can help your organization build a culture of learning.

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