It’s time to see workplace learning in a whole new way 

Engage users with a learning platform that's deeply integrated with the tools they already use.

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Whether you’re onboarding new team members or delivering new information to your sales team, our automation features help you to create customized learning tracks, sit back, and let your users press play. 

When you need to remind employees of upcoming seminars or deadlines, our automated reminders can seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar or Slack to avoid getting lost in their inbox.

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Modernization of learning

The old ways of delivering training just don’t work for modern teams! That’s why Continu exists–we understand the demands of hybrid work, global teams and the need for learning that goes deeper, developing both hard and soft skills.

Your workforce deserves an attention-grabbing, creative, beautiful way to complete their training, moving it from a checklist item to the most engaging part of their day.

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Apply specific learning tracks to groups within your organization: by region, department, management level, or any criteria you choose! 

This creates a unique experience for each user to increase engagement: your team truly knows that their training modules are just what they need to grow and upskill. 

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Real-time reporting

Gather immediate feedback from your employees on each video, course or presentation they complete or attend. You can easily download reports on attendance, course completion and the results of assessments within the platform. Export them with ease, even to a third party system.

Take the burden off your L&D team with a modern and simple reporting process.

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