Effective Sales Training = Higher Revenue

Equip your sales team with knowledge and skills to close deals faster.

With knowledgeable prospects and highly competitive markets, continuous sales training helps you incorporate new techniques and strategies on the go! Continu lets you train your sales team remotely with dynamic sales training material with real-time analytics and tracking.

Integrate with Salesforce
Powerful sales content authoring
Save 40,000 hours per year

Connected to Modern Workplace Tools

Continu deeply connects to the tools you already use, making them infinitely more valuable and boosting engagement across the board. Connect to Workplace tools in minutes.

Share, Assign & Automate Learning Content in Seconds

Share and distribute training materials with ease using Continu's powerful assignment, automation, and discovery features.

Create Beautiful Content Right in Continu

Create beautiful and engaging learning content like a pro using Continu's powerful authoring tools. No need for third-party authoring tools.

Measure Everything in Real-Time

Measure what matters most with Continu's real-time analytics, customized reporting, and robust admin and manager dashboards.

Smart Companies Trust Continu


"With Continu, MomentFeed has been able to reduce our new employee ramp time by over 50%".


"Continu has been an incredible platform for keeping our athletes, influencers, and key partners educated & engaged".


"Continu really helped Slack shift to remote work without skipping a beat".