Learning Amplification Plaform™

Helping companies go beyond legacy learning systems

Innovation Meets Learning

Push boundaries with a Learning Amplification Platform™ designed to help companies take enterprise learning to a whole new level. Tailor learning to upskill teams, identify skills gaps, measure performance and track progress in real time. Bring collaboration and engagement to the forefront and build a culture of learning across your teams.

Why do companies
need an LAP™?

A Learning Amplification Platform™ helps companies define their long-term learning strategy, using modern tools and integrations to ensure scalability.

Tailored for Every Learner

A CMS and LMS combined, an LAP™ is a completely customizable platform offering total segmentation and white-labeling.

On-Demand Flexibility

From workshops to interactive video coaching, your team can learn their way, with superior authoring tools and scalable open assets.

Native Integrations

Connect Continu's LAP™ to the apps you already use like Zoom, G-Suite, Slack, and many more to streamline your learning.

Scale As You Grow

Unlike legacy learning systems, your LAP™ grows with you, no matter how fast or big.

Generate High Retention Rates

An all-in-one learning solution helps you upskill and reskill teams and improve retention rates.

Measure for Success

Go beyond open rates and get in-depth insights on learning progress to help you make data-driven decisions.

Companies That Love Us

How companies benefit from using a
Learning Amplification Platform™?

Faster Return on Investment

Significantly reduce ramp time and onboard efficiently with ease.

Increase Engagement

Get more learners to enjoy learning with high engagement rates.

Go Live in Under 2.36 Months

Integrate tools that help automate redundant tasks from the get-go!

Hours Saved Each Year

Fulfill employee needs to grow by using Continu to upskill teams as you grow.

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