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6 simple ways to boost your learner engagement

Learner engagement is a high priority for most L&D leaders. You likely already know the benefits of a highly-engaged team: personal motivation, persistence, better performance, and the ability to apply knowledge to real-life in the workplace. 

An LMS can support a foundational level of engagement through remote accessibility and a good user interface, but sometimes teams will stall out at that level and need an extra boost to help more learners truly engage. 

Keep reading for 6 simple ways to take your learner engagement to the next level. 

6 Simple ways to boost engagement

When course completion rates are dropping and your teams start to dread required training, you might jump to conclude that a massive overhaul or strategy shift is necessary. 

But sometimes the simplest tweaks and ideas are the most effective, so let’s explore 6 ways to adapt your strategy and leverage an LMS to help your users reengage. 

1. Present new information

Surfacing new and relevant resources is a simple way to re-engage your learners in their training. Be sure to use updated statistics and examples in your content, checking closely for inaccuracies or errors. Clearly outdated information will quickly lose credibility with your learners, making them less excited to log-in or search for new learning organically. 

Make sure your LMS makes it easy to edit or create new modules and learning tracks. If the content creation process is a headache, you’ll be less motivated to provide the new information your learners need to stay engaged. 

2. Switch up the format

Learning styles matter. Different people on your team learn best in different ways, so present material in multiple formats to be sure you’re reaching your learners in a way that resonates with them. 

If your engagement seems to be dropping, consider incorporating these different styles and formats: 

  • Self-directed learning – is it easy to find new and interesting courses or modules?
  • Instructor-led training – are you offering regular new webinars or opportunities to learn from experts within your organization or industry?
  • Social learning – have you paired learners together to work through a course and share knowledge? 
  • Multimedia learning – have you tried videos, webinars, live discussions, and interactive photos? 

Look for an LMS that supports a wide range of media formats to boost engagement. 

3. Change your assignment methods

If multiple choice quizzes are your go-to, then consider different ways you could assess learning that would help your team show what they’ve learned. Here are a few examples to work into your learning tracks:

  • Video assessments – Have your sales team record themselves making a new pitch and allow administrators to respond with video coaching
  • Pre-quizzes – begin your modules with pre-quizzes to assess what your learners may already know, which subtly draws their attention to search out new information as they go through the course

4. Build social connections

Your LMS might not rival Twitter or Facebook for your team, but incorporating social components can go a long way to boost engagement and make training feel less like a solitary activity. Look for an LMS with features like: 

  • Personal profiles for users – with simple information like their team and role, professional interests, courses they’ve completed, or courses they want to try next 
  • Leaderboards – to introduce some healthy competition, leaderboards rank your learners by course completion rates, number of tracks completed, and more
  • User ratings and comments – to empower learners to share their sincere feedback and thoughts on different courses, modules, and pieces of content

5. Reach with strategic integrations

Learner engagement gets a substantial boost through strategic integrations. Similar to using a variety of formats, integrations bring learning to your team members in the places they’re already working. 

Integrations help you to work smarter. If your teams are using Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, or Salesforce, look for an LMS that connects seamlessly to notify them of deadlines, search for content, join webinars with one click, and track attendance with ease. 

6. Celebrate with badges & recognition

Our final tip to boost engagement is with badges–a great way to recognize growth and achievements in your team. These badges are earned based on learner development, providing more opportunities for recognition and measuring progress across the organization. They help learners to ‘show off’ what they’re interested in or currently learning about. They can even facilitate coaching opportunities by connecting learners across departments with similar experience and interests. 

As an administrator, you can define the achievements you want to recognize, and then design and upload them with ease. It’s a simple way to introduce some healthy competition into workplace training and show your learners that their time spent on training is worth recognizing and celebrating. 

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Achieve higher engagement rates with Continu

Paired with the right technology, these tips will help you transform your team members into engaged learners. Continu is the perfect solution to breathe new life into your L&D strategy. We intentionally built all of these features into our platform, with the goal of making the ultimate learning platform for modern teams. We understand the numerous benefits that come from social connections between engaged learners who feel supported and celebrated. 

Ready to learn more? 

We’d love to show you how you can use badges, social connections, fresh presentations, and more to re-engage your learners with Continu. It’s time to take your training to the next level. 

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